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~~Weekly 3T Check-In~~

Posting early because I'm about to leave for the day and I'm not sure what time I'll be back :)

Welcome to the weekly 3T check-in! This post is the place to give us your updates so we can cheer you on. Tell us where you are in your cycle, what appointments you've had and what you found out, what treatments or procedures you've had, when your beta or POAS day is, etc.

If you would like to be added, please respond here or PM me with answers to the following questions (if you are already added, no need to answer everything again :).

1) What is your name (if you want to share)?

2) When did you start TTC?

3) What is your diagnosis, if you have one?

4) What treatments have you done?

If any information I have listed needs changed or if you want anything added or if you were previously listed in the ?No Diagnosis Yet? section and now have one, please be sure to let me know so I can update. And if you haven't yet given me your TTC start date, let me know that too ? it'll be a huge help so I don't have to update everyone's cycle numbers each week :) Good luck, everyone!!

QOTW: What are you doing for Memorial Day?

Success Stories:

Congratulations girls! You give us all hope.

February, 2010 BFPs

**Mrs.M317 ? BFP 2/6/2010

March, 2010 BFPs

**Mrs.Johns ? BFP 3/1/2010

**NurseMommy458 ? BFP 3/2/2010

**piecesofflare ? BFP 3/5/2010

**Omega20 ? BFP 3/21/2010 ? twins!

**Meycitaa ? BFP 3/24/2010

**Starbuck5 ? BFP 3/24/2010

**healthyhappybaby ? BFP 3/27/2010

**canthardlywait426 ? BFP 3/27/2010

**flgirl79 ? BFP 3/29/2010

April, 2010 BFPs

**Mrs.Bones ? BFP 4/8/2010

**Wordsmith226 ? BFP 4/9/2010

**Joyous1106 ? BFP 4/9/2010

**AutumnBride102007 ? BFP 4/14/2010 ? twins!

**williaw ? BFP 4/27/2010

**mita0523 ? BFP 4/29/2010

**Mrs.KMid ? BFP 4/30/2010

May, 2010 BFPs

**Marielle0430 ? BFP 5/2/2010

**ladipale ? BFP 5/10/2010

**OceanBreeze ? BFP 5/20/2010

**steffwd124 ? BFP 5/23/2010

**lattelady2 ? BFP 5/23/2010

**jessalynn221 ? BFP 5/24/2010

**2006july15bride ? BFP 5/25/2010

PCOS / PCOS with IR Diagnoses:

ashleyann82 / Ashley ? TTC since 4/2009

Treatments: Metformin, Clomid + IUI ? canceled

firewife9278 / Sarah ? TTC since 12/2008
Treatments: Metformin, Clomid + TI; mystery pills + TI

renafaith / Rena ? TTC since 7/2009
Treatments: Clomid + TI

Sa039ra / Sara ? TTC since 7/2009
Treatments: Metformin, Clomid + TI

Jill070707 / Jill ? TTC for 15 months
Treatments: Metformin, Clomid, injectables + IUI; IVF

LGLDVM / Lisa ? TTC since 1/2009

Treatments: Metformin, Femara + TI; Femara + IUI

MrsC18 ? TTC since 2/2009

Treatments: Metformin, Clomid + TI

RileyGrace ? TTC since 1/2009

Treatments: Clomid + TI, Femara + IUI, injectables + IUI

Anasara / Stephanie ? TTC since 6/2008

Treatments: Clomid + IUI, injectables + IUI

MrsTucker07 ? TTC since 1/2009

Treatments: Clomid + TI

MegannJay / Megan ? TTC since 4/2009

Treatments: Clomid + TI; Clomid + IUI

hispenguin / Jenna ? TTC since 11/2009

Treatments: Metformin, Clomid + TI

KJMcC516 / Kim ? TTC since 1/2009

Treatments: Metformin, Clomid + TI

bhilyer / Bridgit ? TTC since 7/2009

Treatments: Clomid + TI

PMTeagle / Patty ? TTC since 7/2008

Treatments: Metformin; Femara + TI

msjcordova / Jessica ? TTC since 6/2009

Treatments: Metformin, Clomid + IUI

MFI Diagnoses:

JessicaAlice ? TTC since 10/2008

Treatments: Clomid + IUI

gymnst1013 / Kristin ? TTC since 4/2007

Treatments: Clomid + IUI

Traci09 / Traci ? TTC since 4/2009

Treatments: Clomid + IUI

illinigal / Lisa ? TTC since 10/2008

Treatments: IVF with ICSI in July, 2010

lyse2143 ? TTC since 5/2009

Treatments: None yet

KaliChick / Kim ? TTC since 2/2009

Treatments: None yet but IVF likely


Treatments: None yet

everam01 ? TTC since 1/2009

Treatments: None yet

HollyMc24 / Holly ? TTC since 7/2009

Treatments: None yet; currently undergoing testing

BBColt78 / Melissa ? TTC since 7/2008

Treatments: IVF

Combination / Miscellaneous Diagnoses:

ams8099 / Amber ? TTC since 3/2007

Diagnosis: PCOS & MFI

Treatments: IVF with ICSI, FET

Mari2003 / Marissa ? TTC for over 2 years

Diagnosis: MTHFR

Treatments: Clomid + TI

Laurens1122 / Lauren ? TTC since 7/2008

Diagnosis: Blocked/damaged tubes from surgeries and ectopic pregnancy

Treatments: Injectables + TI; IVF w/ ICSI

xxbblueangelxx / Michelle / Blue ? TTC for 11 months

Diagnosis: LH secretion syndrome and ovaries don't spit out eggs

Treatments: Clomid + TI

AmberZ2be ? TTC since 1/2009

Diagnosis: Amenorrhea and annovulation

Treatments: Injectables + IUI

Finallyhismrs07 ? TTC since 4/2009

Diagnosis: Unexplained lack of ovulation

Treatments: Clomid + TI

Ski&Sail09 / Ashleigh ? TTC for 17 cycles

Diagnosis: Unexplained with possible endo

Treatments: Clomid + IUI; laparoscopy

Beadgirl / Angela ? TTC since 10/2008

Diagnosis: PCOS & Elevated Prolactin Level

Treatments: Metformin, Bromocriptipene, Clomid + TI

L&R70707 ? TTC since 10/2008

Diagnosis: Stage 1 endo, removed uterine septum

Treatments: Laparoscopy, Clomid + TI, injectables + IUI

Emmerjill21 / Emily ? TTC for 21 cycles

Diagnosis: PCOS with insulin resistance, MFI ? azoospermia with low testosterone

Treatments: DH on Clomid

Sail123 ? TTC for over a year

Diagnosis: Ovulation issue, possibly LPD

Treatments: Clomid + IUI, injectables + IUI; IVF

orange1414 ? TTC since 3/2009

Diagnosis: PCOS and hypothyroid

Treatments: Metformin, Synthroid; Clomid + IUI

Mrs.Umm ? TTC since 12/2008

Diagnosis: Probable endo

Treatments: None yet; currently undergoing testing

flycka ? TTC since 1/2008

Diagnosis: Unexplained, mild ovulatory dysfunction, blocked left tube

Treatments: Tubal recanalization, Clomid + TI, Femara + TI, injectables + IUI

STL34 ? TTC since 5/2009

Diagnosis: Endo and borderline high FSH

Treatments: laparoscopy

redsoxbono ? TTC since 10/2009

Diagnosis: Cervical stenosis, elevated thyroid levels

Treatments: Clomid + TI

sulfababy / Constantina ? TTC since 1/2007

Diagnosis: Fibroids, polyps, adhesions, endometriosis, MFI

Treatments: Clomid + TI, Clomid + IUI, IVF, FET

katers1279 / Katy ? TTC since 9/2008

Diagnosis: Severely damaged tube, MFI

Treatments: None yet

mrsarjiltobe / Amber ? TTC since 7/2008

Diagnosis: PCOS with IR and hypothyroidism

Treatments: Clomid + TI

Sweets11 / Meg ? TTC since 8/2009

Diagnosis: Hydrosalpinx and possible endometriosis

Treatments: Laparoscopy

MonaLisa213 ? TTC since 9/2008

Diagnosis: Endometriosis

Treatments: Unmedicated IUI, Clomid + IUI; injectables + IUI

verycuddly / Lisa ? TTC since 1/2010

Diagnosis: PCOS and subclinical hypothyroidism

Treatments: None yet

mdluv12 ? TTC since 7/2009

Diagnosis: Unexplained with LH secretion issues

Treatments: Clomid + TI

mikeandangie / Angie ? TTC since 7/2009

Diagnosis: Blocked tube and uterine septum

Treatments: None yet

ecleptic ? TTC since 1/2009

Diagnosis: Annovulation and MFI

Treatments: None yet

gmc222 / Gina ? TTC since 10/2009

Diagnosis: High prolactin and slight MFI

Treatments: Clomid + IUI coming up

MaybeBaby#2 ? TTC since 6/2009

Diagnosis: PCOS and endometriosis

Treatments: Laparoscopy

Unexplained Diagnoses:

kdodge423 ? TTC since 2/2007 (minus 8 months of forced breaks)

Treatments: Clomid + IUI, Femara + injectables + IUI

UmichGirl ? TTC since 9/2008

Treatments: Synthroid, Clomid + IUI

Nova726 / Helene ? TTC since 10/2007

Treatments: Clomid + IUI ? canceled; injectables + IUI

JennyAnne022776 / Jennifer ? TTC since 10/2008

Treatments: Unmedicated IUI

rebelina1 / Tiffany ? TTC for 14 or 15 cycles

Treatments: Clomid + IUI; IVF

Glowconsin ? TTC since 10/2008

Treatments: Injectables + IUI

Lina1123 / Lina ? TTC since 4/2008

Treatments: Clomid + TI; Femara + IUI

loloindiego / Lauren / Lolo ? TTC since 10/2008

Treatments: Clomid + TI, injectables + TI, injectables + IUI

rach2100 / Rachel ? TTC since 9/2007

Treatments: Clomid + injectables + IUI

Lilystar82 / Lily ? TTC since 7/2009

Treatments: Clomid + TI

scooterq ? TTC since 10/2008

Treatments: Clomid + IUI

sweetpea1010 ? TTC since 10/2008

Treatments: Synthroid, IUI coming up

chelfe#22 / Chelsea ? TTC since 2/2009

Treatments: None yet

NatL ? TTC since 5/2008

Treatments: Clomid + TI, Clomid + IUI; IVF coming up

Kelliott / Kirstin ? TTC since 3/2009

Treatments: Clomid + TI

Chelle712 / Chelley ? TTC for 12 cycles

Treatments: Clomid + TI

No Diagnosis Yet and/or Currently Undergoing Tests:

cutebride73 ? TTC since 7/2009

Treatments: None yet

heathercara / Heather ? TTC since 10/2008 minus a 6 month forced medical break

Treatments: None yet, RE appointment coming up

MisN ? TTC since 4/2009

Treatments: None yet

**papps** ? TTC for 11 months

Treatments: None yet; Clomid coming up

zookbride / Melissa ? TTC since 4/2009

Treatments: None yet; testing to begin in June

Suebee8 / Sue ? TTC since 8/2009

Treatments: None yet

MandyMiller / Mandy ? TTC for 9 months

Treatments: None yet; undergoing testing, possible PCOS

KristyLynn26 / Kristy ? TTC since 3/2009

Treatments: Laparoscopy

scherpha / Heather ? TTC since 7/2009

Treatments: Clomid + IUI

katib77 / Kati ? TTC since 7/2009

Treatments: Metformin

deo ? TTC since 10/2008

Treatments: None yet; undergoing testing

mrs.monica / Kristin ? TTC since 8/2009

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TTC #1 since April, 2007
12/2009 ~ Clomid + IUI = BFP ~ natural m/c 6w0d
2/2010 ~ 3/2010 ~ 4/2010 ~ Clomid + IUI = BFN
8/2010 ~ IVF = BFP

Re: ~~Weekly 3T Check-In~~

  • My CD15 u/s is on Wednesday so I'm hoping for a good report.

    QOTW: We had my family over yesterday to cook out. My 8yo nephew asked me why we didn't have any kids yet. Sad

  • I'm waiting for my fert report today (they said they call between 3:30 and 6).  I think I may go over a friend's to hang by the pool. 

    QOTW:  Well, my transfer is tomorrow, on Memorial Day.  :) We have a cookout after that. 

    Have a great holiday, everyone!

    It took 5 failed IUIs and a failed IVF, but our FET worked!
    My pregnancy after Infertility Blog
    Our baby girl was born on April 27, 2011!
  • QOTW: I don't know that we're doing anything except hanging around the house. I had wanted to go spend the day at the beach until I realized it would probably be super crowded. I'm still secretly hoping DH will have a pool set up when I get home today (He mentioned something about it last night)

    UPDATE: My chart says I'm 12dpo, but yesterday was a BFN. I'm still not convinced I o'd (as usual). I had my b/w drawn last week for the tumor testing, but when I called for the results, I was promptly transferred to the wrong extention and the voicemail immediately picked up. I haven't called back, because I don't know what their weekend hours are, or even if they'll answer the phone on the weekend. I'm not liking the office staff at the RE's...it seems to be extremely hard to get any info out of them. (It took close to a month to get DH's SA results). If the b/w comes back ok, I'll be taking Clomid 100 mg CD2-9 probably with IUI.

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    Diagnosed with PCOS: 10/03, On BCP to "treat" until: 7/09
    Provera to end Cycles 1-9 (anovulatory)
    Cycle #4 & 5: Clomid 50 mg FAIL
    RE Visit: 2000 mg Metformin
    Cycle 6:Forced Break, looking for androgen secreting tumor
    Cycle 7:Clomid CD 3-10, 12-17 FAIL
    Cycle 8: Clomid CD 3-10, Bravelle CD 12-24 Hyperstimmed
    New RE: Put on Byetta, lost 23 lbs
    Cycle 9: Financial Break
    Cycle 10: Femara CD 3-7, IUI CD 17 BFP on 2/14/11, m/c 3/7/11
  • I started 150mg of Clomid last night. I'm not holding out much hope that it will do anything though. The good news is that if I'm not responding by my first follie check on Friday the RE is going to start me on something right away. We're not going to wait until the cycle ends.

    QOTW: We don't celebrate Memorial Day in Canada.

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    Diagnosed with PCOS March '10 - Started 1000mg of Metformin
    After 3 unsuccessful Clomid cycles, FSH+Ovidril+IUI+Progesterone=BFP!
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    Time to make Emilie a big sister!

    May '16 2.0: Letrozole+FSH+Menopur+Ovidril+IUI+Progesterone=BFP! first beta-45.44, second beta-148

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  • I'm 12dpo on an unmedicated cycle and against my better judgment, my hopes are sky-high right now.  My temps have never been so high before.  And I've been feeling a bit crampy and gassy the last couple of days.  Both things that don't normally happen - not that that means anything.  I promised DH I wouldn't test until Tuesday.

    QOTW: We are heading out to a BBQ at a friend's parents' house.  Thought we were leaving 30 minutes ago but DH is taking his sweet old time.


    TTC #1 since April, 2007
    12/2009 ~ Clomid + IUI = BFP ~ natural m/c 6w0d
    2/2010 ~ 3/2010 ~ 4/2010 ~ Clomid + IUI = BFN
    8/2010 ~ IVF = BFP
  • Did Clomid 3-7, go in Wednesday--cd14--for u/s and hopefully the IUI unless I get a positive OPK before then (which I'm really hoping I do!) 

    Tomorrow--no big plans.  It's supposed to thunderstorm in the afternoon which I actually wouldn't mind.  Tonight my parents are coming over for a bbq though.  DH and I got all the patio furniture out, and I'm about to head back outside to plant some flowers.

    Mr. & Mrs. UMich! July 2006! :-)
    DX: High FSH/DOR
    It took 44 cycles, just over 3 years, 6 failed IUI's in MI, and 1 round of IVF at CCRM to get our BFP!

    Beta #1 (9dp5dt) = 206, Beta #2 (11dp5dt) = 438
    1st u/s @ 6w5d = 11/11/11 = ONE little bean! HB 120bpm!
    ?Our Baby Boy Born June 26th, 2012?

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  • Update: I'm 9DPO of my first clomid cycle and am not holding out too much hope.First cycle I havent even had the desire to pee on anything at a ridiculously early time frame.  Just looking forward to the end of June and my RE appointment.

    QOTW: We spent yesterday BBQing with good friends and being outside. Today we are having dinner with another set of friends and just relaxing :)

  • This last miscarriage is apparently ectopic. I had the mtx injection on Thursday. Hopefully it works, or I will have to have surgery. I go back Thursday to check my level. No ttc for 3 months. :(

    QOTW: Avoiding people. I can't drink or really do much of anything.

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    Love & luck to my 3TC girls. Congrats to Omega-The boys are here!
    If there's one thing I've learned while waiting my turn,
    it's that in each life some rain falls but you also get some sun.
    After 2 years & 2 losses, our little man arrived 8-2011.
  • QOTW: I will be flying to Orlando, then driving to the beach! 

    Update: I should get AF right after my vacation around the 12th or so and then I will start my injectables for my first clomid cycle. I am very excited and very scared. That is if I didn't get pregnant this cycle on our natural TI!

    GL to everyone that has anything coming up!   

    Edit: OMG Gymn GL I just saw your chart! I am excited for you, it would be awesome to get a BFP!!!  

  • Nothing new to report on the TTC front....still just humping and hoping until we start acupuncture in the fall!

    QOTW: Nothing special...just working on homework for my summer classes and taking advantage of the sales going on at the outlets in the next town! I hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend! 

    Me 29 I DH 28
    Married in April 2007
    One Furbaby - Adorable Pitt Mix
    15 Months TTC....2nd Cycle of Letrozole - Success!
    Expecting our first two little miracles - Boy/Girl Twins! - EDD March 3, 2017
    High Risk Pregnancy - Type 1 Diabetic; Hypothyroidism; Di/Di Twin Pregnancy

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  • We've been TTC since 10/09.  DH was diagnosed with oligoasthenozoospermia Wednesday, so severe MFI is our battle.  We have our first meeting with the urologist on 6/21, so we'll figure out our next steps from there. 
    MFI and (now) AMA
    IVF 1 April 2011 - Cancelled
    IVF 1.5 July 2011 - MC
    IVF 2 October 2011 - BFP!
    *Identical Twin Boys born June 2012*
    Here we go again...IVF 3 is underway!
  • Update: Nothing to update! Expecting to start a new cycle tomorrow or the day after.

    QOTW: We're laying low. I have Monday off of triplet duty (the parents are taking them out of town) and I think the plan is to sleep in and enjoy the weekend :)

    Friends for 15 years. Married 8. TTC since January 2009
    2010 Diagnosis: Anovulation and Severe MFI
    2011 Treatment:
    IVF w/ICSI #1 Antagonist: 2 blasts - c/p - BFN 04.22
    FET #1: 1 blast/1 early blast - BFP 06.22 - m/c 06.30 @6w0d
    07-11 RPL: MTHFR C677T Heterozygous & Slightly elevated ACLA IgM
    FET #2: 1 morula - BFN: 9.02

    January '12: IVF #2
    Started BCP and Metformin (New!) 12-14 for stimming in January

    Dum spiro, spero.
    ?SAIF/PAIF/PgAL/PAL always welcome?
  • Update: Currently in my first IUI cycle..just started Clomid yesterday!

     QOTW: NOT working :)

    TTC #1 since April 2009 IUIs 1-3= BFN IVF 1=BFN
  • flyckaflycka
    Fourth Anniversary
    Update: just got into 2ww, very little hope buy oh well.
    My inlaws are visiting so I've been cooking a host. And just trying and being a good host which turns into going to bed at 1 or 2am. I'm enjoying the long weekend as much as I can.

    TTC since 1/2008
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  • Took my last provera pill on Fridday, now I'm waiting on AF. Then we move onto injects. Right now I'm on my way home from my brother in laws cabin, it was super fun and I got to see my niece and nephew which was nice. My niece is so cute!! She said to me, I'm glad u married uncle Bennw now I have a new aunt!! It was so sweet, she melts my heart!
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    Clomid + Bravelle + Trigger + IUI = BFP!!
    Ectopic M/C 9/16/10 ~ Forever in our hearts <3<BR> IVF using Donor Eggs (DE) 6/11
    BCP+Lupron+Estrogen+DE ET+PIO = BFP!!!
    Beta #1: 507 #2: 1561 #3: 4,472 #4: 11,172

    BFPBs Sul06, MrsW722 & SnowflakeBride06
    GL to Mari2003 and all of the rest of the 3T Ladies
    :) SAIFW :)
  • Update: Three good follies and 9.3 triple lining at US yesterday so I will trigger tonight and my IUI is scheduled for Tuesday!  I am pumped!

    QOTW: Busy through yesterday with track.  Today DH and I did LOTS of yardwork in the HEAT, then cooked out with my parents.  Tomorrow - nothing much other than dinner for my sister's birthday.

    PS-I like the updates on Sunday!


    ** Love to UMichGirl! MrsMonica - IRL friend now - baby girl here 4/2011!! **

    6/17/10 - Cycle #14 - 100mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI (6/30) = BFP!!!!!!

    3/17 - Payton Hope is here via her scheduled c-section!!!

    5/2 - Payton's diagnosed with reflux :(

    6/22 - Payton's diagnosed with MSPI; Mommy's going dairy and soy free!

    8/17 - First appt with allergist, MSPI confirmed
  • Hi Gym - you can change my TTC date to July 2008.

    Update:  Nothing new here.  Still taking my BCP...

    QOTW:  We were planning to have friends over for a cookout.  Hopefully DH (he's been sick with a stomach bug) will feel up to it.  We will probably end up not doing anything.

    My Journey in 2010

    2/24 - 50mg of Clomid + IUI on 3/9 = BFN

    3/24 - 50mg of Clomid + Trigger + IUI on 4/9 = BFN

    4/22 - 50mg of Clomid + Trigger + IUI on 5/7 = BFN

    5/22 - Starting BCP. IVF here we come!

    6/9 - SHG - RE discovered several uterine polyps

    6/22 - Hysteroscopy to remove polyps

    7/23 - IVF begins -- 8/5 ER (14 fertilized) -- 8/11 ET one blast -- no snow babies

    8/20 - I am KU! Beta #1 = 52, Beta #2 = 473, Beta #3 = 2666

    8/28 - Experienced heavy bleeding -- 8/31 - Confirmed miscarriage

    10/6 - 50mg of Clomid + IUI on 10/20 = BFN

    11/7 - 50mg of Clomid + 75iu of Follistim + Trigger + IUI on 11/18 = BFN

    My Journey in 2011

    4/29 - Surprise BFP! Beta #1 = 570, Beta #2 = 1438, Beta #3 = 3418

  • Update:  I am on CD9 and have monitoring u/s on CD13.  I'm hopeful there will be a follie or two getting close by then...need to decide if I am going to do a trigger shot or not.

    QOTW:  We are going to DH's best friends house for a BBQ mini - baby shower.  His wife is getting ready to have #2.  I bought the cutest outfits today and didn't even get sad.  Then we are also supposed to have dinner at MIL.  Lots of eating!  My fave.  Big Smile


    TTC since 07/2009
    Me: PCOS, Blood/Immune Issues DH: Low all 3
    Jun.- Sep. 2010 IUI#1-#3 = BFN
    Oct. 2010 = IVF #1 = B/G Twins (passed away Feb. 2011)
    May 2011 = Myomectomy and trans-abdominal cerclage (TAC)
    Sep. 2011 = Surprise BFP = C/P
    Feb. 2012 = sFET #1 = BFN
    Feb.2012 = Hail Mary IUI #4 = BFN
    April/May 2012 = FET #2 w/our last two embies = BFP (Please let this be it!)
    Beta #1 8dp5/6dt = 234 Beta #2 10dp5/6dt = 695 Beta #3 12dp5/6dt = 1796 Beta #4 17dp5/6dt = 17,888 U/S #1 May 17, 2012 = Twins
    Baby B's heart stop beating at 9 weeks 5 days
    Our little miracle baby is a boy. :)

    Baby Boy Owen and Baby Girl Avery were born too early on Feb. 13, 2011 due to a pedunculated fibroid, incompetent cervix and suspected placental abruption.
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    "What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose." - Henry Ward Beecher
    SAIF/PAIF Welcome
    Lots of love and luck to my PAIF/3T/IF Veteran ladies, especially my dear friend Zookie. Congrats to Papps, Teach84 and Starbuck on their little ones.
  • MisNMisN
    Fourth Anniversary 500 Comments 5 Love Its

    Popping in quickly to say hello -  one more week of this crazy work schedule but I did manage to make it home this weekend (hopefully while ovulating!).   

    No memorial day in Canada - I will of course be working my 40th day in a row - sigh

  • Mrs.UmmMrs.Umm
    2500 Comments Fourth Anniversary

    No update on the TTC front, this is my testing cycle.

    QOTW:  Not too much, we played golf today and I'm going to visit my grandpa's grave tomorrow. He doesn't have a headstone yet, so we're taking a flag and some flowers.


    3 years ttc #1 with Stage 3 endo, cysts, DOR and mild MFI. Lap in June 2011, followed by High Dose Lupron, continuous BCP, acupuncture, and herbal supplements
    Lucky cycle 38 - Nov. 2011 IUI #2 - Follistim + Trigger =BFP! 11/19~Beta #1=114, 11/21~Beta #2=280, 11/29~Beta #3=7770, 12/6 - We have a heartbeat!

  • Update: Absolutely nothing!

    QOTD: Lunch with a friend, teaching a few lessons.

  • Update:  4 DPO today.  Timing was really perfect, but, I try not to get my hopes up very much.

    QOTW:  We've been at the same friend's house all weekend.  DH is in a golf tournament tomorrow morning, but, once he's done, we'll go back to our friend's house for the third day in a row.  Thank goodness they enjoy hosting!

    Katy and Brett ~ Runaway Bay, Jamaica ~ October 4, 2008

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  • Update: I'm testing tomorrow. (two weeks after possible ovulation pain. And because I'm starting Adipex on Tuesday to lose this weight.


    QOTW: What are you doing for Memorial Day?


  • Update:  Currently in the 2WW of trying naturally (100% it is not going to happen that way for us). 

    One Month from today, our insurance switches over and the insurance woman at my RE's office will send the paperwork for IVF.  She thinks they will make us do an IUI first (which my RE doesn't think will work for us), and then, hopefully, we can move onto IVF. . .

    QOTD:  We spent Friday - Sunday on Cape Cod at DH's parents house.  We drove back up to Boston last night for a birthday party.  Today, we are going to the beach in our town.  We got beautiful weather this weekend! 

    dx - DES daughter
    cervical stenosis
    and I'm wicked old

    TTC since 10/09
    b2b IUIs = BFN
    IVF #1 = BFN
    IVF #2 = BFFN


  • Suebee8Suebee8
    Seventh Anniversary 2500 Comments 250 Answers Name Dropper

    Update: Nothing new here, tested this morning like an idiot an BFN. We will do one more cycle and then head back to the RE to resume testing in July. I am also thinking about finding a different RE since I didn't care for the first so much.

    Memorial Day plans: today we are doing a bit of work on our kitchen cabinets and then hoping to relax and enjoy the day off!

    Have a great day ladies:)

    after 2+ years, 3 failed IUIs, 2 failed IVFs with a c/p
    IVF#3 brought us our miracle baby girl on June 26, 2012



  • IUI Cycle #3 = bust.  On to IUI cycle #4 today.

    QOTW: Going to a memorial cook out with friends.


    Trying to Conceive since 10/2008
    Unexplain IF

    2010: 4 IUI's + injectibles, 1 M/C

    2011: IVF #1 = BFN, IVF #2 = BFP! 2 embies implanted.

    Beta #1 at 9DP5DT = 253, Beta #2 at 12DP5DT = 875!!, First ultrasound, May 5 - Triplets?! A set of identical twins and a tagalong

    Glowconsin Getaway.

  • Update: Since I wasn't charting, my best guess is that I am 6 DPO today - and I have nothing notable to report.  I am not driving myself crazy this cycle because I was thinking we would have to wait another to start TTC again because of my levels taking their time dropping.  I am not really expecting anything to happen this cycle. 

    QOTW:  We are havng my parents over for a cook out today.  Yesterday we spent ALL day with DH's family at his niece's dance recital and his cousin's graduation party. 

    [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/2d989rq.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i51.tinypic.com/pbz9d.gif[/IMG]

    [url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2906dc]My Chart[/url]

    Off BCP 05/09; TTC 07/09; 4 c/p's and 1 m/c

    DOR; MFI; hetero factor v leiden mutation

    1/10 - BFP - c/p 4w4d

    3/10 ~ BFP - 4/5/10 - u/s @ 7w6d - no hb; m/c 8w3d

    Tried many interventions:

    9/10 - unmedicated IUI (1.4 million post wash) = BFN

    10/10 - unmedicated IUI (4.5 million post wash) = BFP

    11/10 - c/p 4w4d

    12/10 injects+TI cycle (3 follies) = BFN

    2/11 - IVF #1 long lupron w/ ICSI; 1 embryo = BFN!

    7/11 - IVF #2 antagonist w/ICSI - 3dt of 3 grade A embies = BFP

    7/11 - c/p 4w5d

    10/11 - unmedicated IUI (2.5 mill post wash) = BFN

    11/11 - unmedicated IUI (12 million post wash) = BFP

    12/11 - c/p 4w2d

    12/11 - IUI #5 follistim (2.5 million post wash) = BFN

    1/15/11 - IUI #6 follistim (12 million post - woot!)= BFP!!! Praise the Lord!!!

    Beta #1 (12dpiui) 164; Beta #2 (14dpiui) 514!!!

    It's TWINS!!!!

    Two BOYS!!!!
  • We just did IUI#3 this morning.  This cycle went really well, the best yet.  I triggered with 3 mature follies, my lining was 11.5 at my last scan and our post wash count was 84 million.  I'm praying it works and sticks this time.

    Good luck to everyone!  Hope everyone is having a good long weekend.

    We went to a BBQ Sunday but have no plans for today.  Maybe just dinner out or something.

    dx PCOS on Metformin
    LO#1 - 19 cycles, 3 IUIs, 1 m/c, gonal-f, ganirelix, ovidrel, progesterone
    Totally worth the wait!
    Getting ready for #2
    Back on Met, PCOS diet, prepping for treatments 1/12

    Good luck to the wonderful ladies of 3T
    Always cheering on my girls Gymnst1013 & MrsJohns
    My Chart / Info for Newbies
  • Today is CD 12. I'm waiting to hopefully O this cycle. :)

    We went away for the weekend and DH had to be back at the station today so I'm hanging out at the house with the kitties.

    A+S | Met 8/24/06 | Married 9/27/08
    Started TTC 12/2008 | dx PCOS 5/2009
    6 failed clomid/femara/TI cycles, 1 failed clomid/ovidrel/IUI cycle
    Successful Cycle: 5/12/11 - 1000mg Metformin + 100mg Clomid(late response) + TI = BFP

    2/13/12 - We proudly welcomed our daughter, Hadley Teresa!
    Lots of Luck to all of 3T/IF

    Lilypie Second Birthday tickers


    www.MyVacationCountdown.com Ticker

  • Sorry for the delay... we were out of town.

    Update: I thought I O'd on CD14 since FF gave me CHs, but then FF took them away when I had a nasty temp drop so now we are probably out of luck.  We went to DH's parents last weekend and I didn't take OPKs so no OPK last Saturday.  This weekend we were back at DH's parents since they live in Indiana and we always go to the Indy 500.  I took OPKs with me this weekend and all negative.  Oye... I was hoping this cycle would be somewhat normal like the last several, but it looks like that isn't the case.  Oh well, looks like IVF here we come.

    Weekend plans: We went to the Indy 500 and sweated our arses off yesterday.  Today, back home and doing laundry.  Also need to finish planning activites on Oahu for our upcoming vacation.

    TTC #1 since October 2008. Dealing with MFI.
    IVF #1 w ICSI in July 2010 = BFN
    IVF #2.1 in Oct 2010 converted to IUI = BFN
    IVF #2.2 w ICSI in Dec 2010 = BFN
    Met with new RE in new city on 1/31/11.
    IVF #3 w ICSI in April 2011. HPT on 5/9 = BFP!
    Beta #1 on 5/10 (10dp5dt) = 99.4. Beta #2 on 5/12 = 284. First u/s on 5/26. = Fraternal TWINS!
    Twin boys born & lost on 8/16/11 at 18w1d due to PPROM & preterm labor.
    IVF #4.1 in Jan 2012 converted to IUI on 1/7/12 = BFN
    IVF #4.2 w ICSI in Feb 2012. Lupron on 2/10. Stims on 2/18. ER on 2/29- 7R,6F
    ET scheduled for 3/5/12- nothing to transfer :(
    Dh seeing new MFI uro & Dh starting meds- June 2012.
    IVF #5 in Dec 2012 = BFFN.
    IVF #6 planned for Spring 2013. Praying for our take home baby/ies.
    **P/SAIF and P/SAL always welcome!**

    Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
  • ams8099ams8099
    10000 Comments Seventh Anniversary

    Update:  I am waiting for the go ahead to start lupron for my FET. I'm not using BCP this time and since I have PCOS and don't ovulate, it's hard to say when I will start. I have b/w & u/s weekly until My RE says I'm ready.

    QOTD: Ha! The weekend is almost over, but Saturday I went to a BBQ and played bocce ball. Yesterday I went to my parents and fished in their little pond. I caught a 2 foot catfish!

    Our IVF Miracles! Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
  • 11 dpiui and I'm scared to POAS.  I might Wed or before beta on Thursday. 

    QOTD: Today DH and spent some time on the deck and went shopping.  Went to a friends BBQ on Saturday.

    GL to everyone with big days coming went.


    After nearly 3 years, 3 IUIs, and 3 IVF our miracle is here!
  • No updates. Just going on with life, trying to keep my anxiety under control, its been particularly hard this week for some unknown reason.

    QOTW- Nothing cause I'm in Canada. 

    <a href="http://www.thebump.com/?utm_source=ticker&utm_medium=HTML&utm_campaign=tickers" title="Pregnancy"><img src="http://global.thebump.com/tickers/tt1d21fd" alt=" Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker" border="0"/></a>
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  • 1) What is your name (if you want to share)? Marla

    2) When did you start TTC? May 2009

    3) What is your diagnosis, if you have one? None yet

    4) What treatments have you done? SA- done- Normal- HSG done -all clear

    Starting 50 mg Clomid next cycle Days 5-9. I am currently on Cycle 15- 6 DPO- Not holding my breath -more or less waiting for next cycle to start Clomid

  • bhilyerbhilyer member

    Update - Nothing really.  Taking a cycle (or two) off due to MH traveling for work. 

    QOTW - We were OOT for most of the weekend, but headed home early this morning because MH  had a flight to catch.

    My Blog!

  • Update: I took clomid CD5-9 and I go in Wednesday for a follie check. 

    QOTW:We had a bunch of fun activities this weekend, but today (actually Memorial Day) we just had my parents over for a little BBQ.


    Trying to grow our family with both fertility treatments and adoption since March 2009 
    IUIs#1-4 = BFN, IVF#1 = c/p, IVF#2 = OHSS, FET#1=BFP
    BabyFruit Ticker
  • katib77katib77
    10000 Comments Seventh Anniversary 250 Answers 500 Love Its

    Update:  DH did SA on Friday, we should have results by Friday.

    QOTD:  We're watching the Hawks hockey game then gettin' busy since I should O today from the pain yesterday and EWCM for last three days. 

    TTC since July 2009. Dx MFI & LPD. 
    IUI#1&2&3 (2011 & 2012) BFN
    IUI#4 1/23/13 on 75iu x9 Follistim = BFP then chem preg m/c (Feb 2013)
    IUI#5 BFN (April 2013)
    IVF w/ICSI Oct. 2, 2012 - 13R, 11M, 7F, 1 frozen blast 4BB grade - - - FET Nov 15, 2013
    BFP! Beta 1:104 @ 10dp6dt, Beta 2:178 @ 12dp6dt,  beta 3:366 @ 14dp6dt
    Saw heartbeat twice before missed M/C at 8w3d on 12/27/13, missing my little angel boy
    JUNE 2014 IVF#2;  5R, 2M, 1F Three day transfer 6/7.  Beta 6/18 - BFN
    Child Free Now?

    My Blog


  • Nothing new to update.  Just waiting and waiting and waiting.  We should have an answer to how the clomid is working this month.  I will keep you posted. 

     TTC start: July/2008

    What are you doing for Memorial Day? Recouping from the Disney GTG with SarahL77, Zook, CHW, J_luvs_R, and Mchupie.

  • Let's see...I officially have an RE appointment.  July 5th :)  Friday is my birthday so I'm deciding whether or not to test then (CD11) or wait till Saturday or Sunday.  I did absolutely nothing but be the laziest human over the holiday weekend.  DH worked and little guy is with grandparents...so it was me and the snoring dogs.
  • NatLNatL

    just waiting for cd1 to start bcps for IVF!!!

    QOTW: Im spending memorial day with family at a lake in Michigan :)


    Dx: unexplained infertility 
    Multiple IUIs and IVF in '10- DD #1
    IVF '13- DD#2
    FET Nov '15- BFN
    IVF Jan '16- 

    Former TTTC Mommy! 
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