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Palms West or Wellington Regional Medical Center


 Does anyone have any reviews on any of the two hospitals. My doctor delivers at both and I would like to know the best hospital based on reviews.




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  • Hi 

    I just moved to the area - and was wondering myself for future reference - Liz is in Wellie - she might know. but keep me posted on what you find out 

    I did read somewhere that Celine Dion delivered her baby at Palms West and you figure that she has all the money and could go anywhere (plus she lives in jupiter) but she picked that hospital??

  • I delivered my first at Wellington in 2007 and I have nothing but WONDERFUL things to say about that hospital and the entire staff. We took all of the classes and the instructors were great. Then, when I was induced, the nurses were all tremendously helpful, attentive, and supportive. I loved that Wellington was "breast friendly" (they didn't force you to breastfeed but had all of the resources to help you). I met my lactation consultant the day that Quinn was born and she helped me out for the first month. Some of the post partum rooms are smaller than others -- it's the luck of the draw -- but they are all private.
    When I moved out of the area in 2008, they were adding a Level 3 or 4 NICU too. I encourage you to take a tour of the hospital. My former practice, OBGYN Specialists of the Palm Beaches, delivers at both hospitals too, but I chose Wellington right away.
    Hope this helps. Good luck with your decision.

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  • Let me preface by saying I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Palms West.

    I wanted to deliver there back in 04 when I had my DD.  My dr told me that I can register there but if he wasnt on call the dr on-call would only deliver at Wellington. And for me it was the best thing, my dd was over 40 weeks but ended up being in the NICU for 4 days.  Wellington has a level 3 NICU one of only 4(St.Mary, West Boca, & Bethesda) in PBC that does.  Palms west has a level 1. 

    And with my second I just went to Wellington too, I had a great experience at Wellington.

  • I have to ask who your dr is. I know there are many that work between the 2 hospitals but I don't know a single soul near me and am eager to meet mommies to be. My dr delivers at both so I thought it would be neat if we had the same dr or office.

    I have read a lot on Wellington Hospital and love the fact that they have a level III NICU. I delivered my son prematurely here and the staff was wonderful knowing how to handle my loss with professionalism and care. I do not know a lot about Palms West but my sister delivered there and it was nice. I prefer Wellington also because it is a lot closer to home. I plan on doing more research on both hospitals but I think Wellington is the better choice for me.


  • Hello,


    I live in BB as well and I see Dr. Brown Graham in Wellington and she delivers at both hospitals. I toured both hospitals and love the atmosphere at Wellington, but feel Palms West may provide more one on one care, which is why I'm stuck between the too. I'm sorry about your losses and I can understand how you may feel lonely at times. I moved here one year ago after I got married and my family is in Atlanta and Jacksonville. My husband's family is here, but its still not like the support of my family. You can email me anytime.

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