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PMS and First AF

Good morning!! Couple quick questions:

It has been over a month since my miscarriage (we were about 8 weeks along) and I just got my first AF (*wohoo*). It started Friday, 34 days after my miscarriage started but it's abnormal. Normally, I have one day of brown and three days of red but I'm headed into my third day of brown and still not heavy. Anyone else have this kind of 1st AF? If so, did you count brown blood as CD1?

Also, PMS this time around was terrible!! Cramps in my legs and lower back, hot flashes, headaches, and total, out-of-control emotions. Anyone else have a tough time?

Re: PMS and First AF

  • My first 3 periods were awful! I had horrible cramps and they were really bad in my back near my spinal block.  It's common to have light, normal or heavy periods after a loss.  Normally you would count CD1 as the first day that you need to use a pad or a tampon.
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  • I *think* (fingers crossed) that I am having my 1st AF. I say think because I never really stopped bleeding since I lost my little ones. But it was VERY light, almost non-existent spotting for a while that suddenly became a little heavier and red for two days now. If it is AF, its very different from my usual periods- Its lighter than it usually is.  But I have been having really bad back pain for the past week and have been more down lately, so I guess that could be PMS.

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  • linz85linz85 member

    I'm experiencing this as well I think! I've been tired, headaches and lots of lower back pressure....I started spotting this afternoon, brownish blood with only a tinge of red and only on the TP not on the bad...it seems to have slowed down now not sure if its AF or not but I've been bummed about it all day..just another reminder...at least im healing and my body is recuuperating though, right??   Its been about 29 days since the M/C (Natural) and doc said to expect it between the 1st and 5th of june so it would be right on schedule if it were her...hopefully she decides to set up camp so I can get going but sending her your way ladies, ASAP!

    **All WELCOME!**
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  • Update: This is definitely AF. It's heavy and red now and somewhat painful. I've never really had bad cramps - was on the pill for 10 yrs. - and these cramps are nasty!! I hope these are just reminents of the m/c and I can have a normal period again... Thanks for commiserating with me!


  • imagelinz85:

    hopefully she decides to set up camp so I can get going but sending her your way ladies, ASAP!

    Oh, and this too!! Yes

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