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Those Who Have Tried Accupuncture....

I'm considering trying accupuncture with my current (and future) IUI cycle, but am unsure of when I should start.  For those of you who have tried accupuncture, at what point during your cycle did you begin treatment and how many treatments per cycle?  Will I be expected to go the day of before, day after?

Most of my concern is scheduling/financial.........I don't want to commit to something I cannot follow through on.  I'm currently researching accupuncturists in my area.........any insight would be great!  Thanks! 

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    I started acu last October and noticed an increase in egg quality with my last 2 IVF's. I know for IVF, studies have shown an increase in success when acu is done before and after egg transfer, not sure when you do it during IUI.

    I go to an acu in Maplewood. It's a 45 min drive for me, but he's one of the only acus in NJ that is certified in reproductive medicine. ?Caityr referred him for me. Let me know if you want his info and good luck!

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  • I've tried acu for my last IUI cycle.  I did a treatment on/around CD7; then one on my trigger day; then the morning of my IUI.  It may be one of those things where every office has different protocol...but I would say definitely the day of the IUI.  Mye acupuncturist has space in the same building as my fert clinic.


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    I am a huge believer in acupuncture.  I was unsuccessful for 3 years TTC and started going to an acupuncture clinic and was PG with my DD in 6 weeks.  I don't know if it helped reduce my stress or made me feel more proactive or what but it worked.  I didn't do it in accordance to my cycle I just went in and told him I had been trying to get PG without success for 3 years.  He sat with me and worked up a 3 month schedule and we made a payment plan.  He was very firm with me that if I expected it to work next week that he wouldn't be able to help me but if I balanced my body my fertility would also balance out.  I'm not afraid of needles so it wasn't a big deal to me and it was always relaxing and I slept usually for the full 30-50 minutes of my sessions.  GL to you and I hope that it is successful for you too.

    PS I continued thorough out my pregnancy and was never sick once!! 

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  • Ive been doing acupuncture for about 2 months for this ivf cycle...LOVE it! I wish it was covered by insurance though, lol. I have my beta today so hopefully it helped! :)

    I hope it works for you :)

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