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Too early to go to the pool?

DD is a little over two months old and had her first round of shots. Is it too soon to take her to the pool? We were supposed to take her to BFF's pool in her backyard (I trust that more) but I broke my toe last night so we're staying home today. We did get our community pool tags today though and it's so dang hot out there. When would you take your DC to a public pool? We wouldn't keep her there long and would not go when it's super hot (we'd go in the evening and only for 30-45 minutes since I don't want her in the sun for too long).

Re: Too early to go to the pool?

  • i had mathis at a friend's pool at that age.
  • I think it all depends on what you are comfortable with. My doctor frowned upon public pools because of all the chemical and because my son has very sensitive skin. I took him to a friends saltwater pool around 5 months. Then I tried our community pool, but there was so much chlorine it made me itch, so I took my son out pretty quickly. This summer we have only gone to the splashpad.
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  • I am pretty sure DS first went to the pool around 2 months.  We just went to friend/family pools b/c that was easy for us to do but I think a neighborhood pool would probably be fine too.
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    We took Ally to my aunt's pool when she was a little over 2 months old.  I pretty much only had her feet and legs in the water while I sat on the side of the pull holding her.  It was hot and so I was only outside for like 15 mins. 
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  • We had DS in the pool around 4 months, but only for 10 min a a time.  Babies that young still cannot regulate their internal body temp, so if the pool is cold, they will not regulate, and can get cold, too, but not know it.  Just limit the time in the pool, and make sure to warm them up periodically.
  • We had J in the pool at 2 months old.  He loved it and slept soooooo well afterwards.
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