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When is it too old

to eat any purees at all?

Mathis is 13 mos and eats table food about 95% of the time but I keep a couple packets/jars of puree with me all the time in case something happens, like the food takes too long at a restaurant and he's hungry. My rationale for this over snacks is that he is usually getting a protien, carb and veggies altogether in the puree vs puffs or something else with little nutritional value. 

Bsically I am just trying to figure out when I should cut this practice out completely- like at what point it's almost bad... Just want to see what others' opinions are. 


Re: When is it too old

  • I figure it's no different than eating applesauce. He knows how to eat non-pureed veggies, but it's a great on-the-go snack. I especially like the plum baby and happy baby ones that have a screw top. I mainly buy fruit blends, but Tracey can suck them right out of the package. 

    I need to go to BRU and get some of the fruit/veggie happy baby blends to keep on hand. I do give her a decent mix of food, but sometimes it's nice to have a little extra.   

  • I'm probably not a good person to ask, we still give Grant the kind he can squeeze and feed himself :-). I figure it's not junk, so who cares!
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  • I think we stopped around 18 months and agree that it's just like applesauce and better than junk.  I used to bring them along for O for the same reason.  I would only worry if he couldn't eat regular food... but think it's just fine in combination with normal finger foods.  Now I might think it a bit odd for a 3 year old. :)
  • imageErika&Brian:
    I'm probably not a good person to ask, we still give Grant the kind he can squeeze and feed himself :-). I figure it's not junk, so who cares!

    ITA!   I think we finally stopped all jarred food at about 18 months but I just recently found Revolution Foods Organic Mash Ups and I give them to Mason and he squeezes or sucks the food right out of the container.  


     I've tried a few of the Plum ones too but he's pretty particular about which ones he will try.  

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  • DS won't eat them anymore but if he would I would still give them to him.  I figured it was a way to guarantee that he would eat a fruit/veggie.
  • LisaK2bLisaK2b member
    Maybe by 2 for sure?  I see nothing wrong with it, especially since it's not an everyday/meal thing.  It's great to have around for a few more months for sure since it's hurricane season and is good back up food for little kids. 
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  • mom2llmom2ll member

    both of my kids started refusing them at 9-10 months.  We never went back.  Honestly, I'm too cheap to buy the premade stuff and it's isn't easy to take the cubes every time you leave the house.  I keep whole grain crackers, cherrios and other muchies in my purse. 

    I recently had a conversation with a woman who has a 2.5 year old that will only eat baby food.  I thought that was scary!

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    I also wanted to add that we always brought along cheese sticks and a bag of crackers everywhere we went too. 
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  • at some point I started carrying a fruit cup or applesauce with me instead - mainly to make sure that DS would eat something during his picky phase.
  • I think Wyatt had his last puree around 16 months.  He was (and still can be) a pretty picky eater, but he rarely refused a puree.  He ate solids too, but purees were my go-to food when I couldn't get him to eat anything else. I asked our pedi about it and he said that it was okay to offer W purees (not exclusively, of course) until he started refusing them.  I think that as long as it's working for you and Mathis, it's fine to offer him purees for as long as he's interested in them.
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  • I agree that its not that different than applesauce.  I keep applesauce in my bag for Ian and he's 19mos!  I also keep some of those Ritz peanut butter sandwiches on hand too.

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