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Relocating to KC

Hi ladies!  My husband got a new job and we will be relocating to Olathe/Overland Park in the next three weeks.  I am excited but am worried that I don't have any girlfriends for advice...SO, I am turning to you!  I have a couple of questions:

1.  Do you know of any great childcare?  I have been staying home with my son for the last two years and am going to be working part time as a kindergarten teacher.

2.  What do you do with your children for fun?  I saw a post below about a free petting zoo in OP that we will definitely check out!  What about a pool/water park?  Any classes that are good to take to meet some kids and their mommies?

Okay, that's what I've thought of so far but I am sure you will see me again!  Thanks for any helpful advice!

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Re: Relocating to KC

  • I just posted a similar message on thenest, and was going to post the same thing here (even though I don't have kids..yet) and was sad to see you got no responses! I just learned today that my husband is being transferred to Kansas City MO (we are in the Detroit area). So, we are starting from scratch, knowing nothing about the area, and needing to move in a month or so! Would you be willing to share any info that you've learned?
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  • Hi ladies,

     I'm sorry to see you haven't got any replies before now.  I'm new to, but I was a knottie and a nestie for a long time.  I'm not yet a parent, but I will be in January.  I am a step-mother to 6 and 10 year old boys, and we try to keep them entertained.


    We love going to the Kansas City Zoo.  We're Friends of the Zoo members, so for about $80 a year, we get unlimited entry to the zoo, and discounted or free entry to other zoos nationwide.  There are pools in almost every neighboorhood of Kansas City, but the major water parks are Oceans of Fun, in North Kansas City, and Schlitterban, which is in Kansas.  I haven't been to either, but I definitely plan on trying them out this summer.

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  • Hi! 

    I live in Olathe and I have a 4 1/2 yr old, a 1 yr old and am expecting my 3rd.  In the summer we spend most of our time at parks and the pool.  This year they just opened a water park in Olathe which is a lot of fun!  There are parks all over the place.  We also are doing soccer through parks and rec and taking dance at Leigh's School of Dance. In the fall my daughter goes to preschool, takes gymnastics at Debbie Howard's gymnastics and does story time at the library.  


    As far as childcare, I don't have a clue, sorry!  Im a SAHM and watch two little girls two days a week, so I don't know!!


    We moved to OP from Milwaukee and lived there for a few months before we moved to Olathe and have really enjoyed living in both places!! I absolutely love raising a family in Olathe!!


    I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to help! 

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