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so who's trying to lose weight? I have questions and need inspiration

It's bad. I'm really heavy. And NOTHING FITS. I feel terrible, and my knees are starting to hurt.

I need to lose weight.

Anyone else? what are you doing? How do you like it, and is it working? Oh, and if you're BFing, has it affected your supply at all?

I hope this will come off. I gained a ton when DS was born, and I lost it all. I thought I would never gain it back, but I guess this is how my body handles pregnancy. Crying

Please tell me how you're doing it and how it's working for you. I'm sure some of you ladies have great success stories - can you share and inspire me?

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Re: so who's trying to lose weight? I have questions and need inspiration

  • I've still got a few I'd like to lose, but having lost 35 lbs since 1/1, I guess I'm a success story!  I'd already lost 39 lbs pp, so I feel like I'm practically a whole person lighter!

    I would suggest starting off slowly and easily....make a couple of small changes (no more fried food, eat two vegetables with every meal, no beer, something like that) rather than trying to implement massive sweeping changes.  I spent the month of January making a few changes at a time, and by February, had painless given up pretty much all my bad habits.   Which is not to say I don't 'cheat' daughter had a field trip to Hershey Park on Monday and I have eaten almost an entire giant size chocolate bar she brought me as a souvenir!   About halfway through January, I also added in 3x week trips to the Y to work out. 

    I'm not BF this time around, but when I had my DD and was taking off weight, I didn't have supply issues. I followed a pretty similar mindset that time too.

    There's lot of different techniques, I'm sure people will post different things they're doing, and one of them will appeal to you!  Good luck!

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  • I've lost all my baby weight but I still have about 15lbs of fertility weight to get off.  I'm not going to stress over it but will try to eat healthy and be more active.  Also, try make little changes like no sodas, less sugar...etc.


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  •    I have lost all my baby weight and for me it was just about moving as much as I can! trying to walk everyday or do a workout video when LO is sleeping, or just putting on some good music and dancing with her!

     I also joined WW for a bit and that really gave me a jump start - there are a lot of ladies on this board who will give you tons of support and that is key too!! You will do it! :) 

  • I'm within 5 pounds of pre-pregnancy weight, but I have 20 pounds I'd like to be rid of.  It came off pretty effortlessly, and it was 35 pounds.

    I sort of breastfeed (pump) and I've never had a supply issue.  I'm currently not actively trying to lose, but if I have a treat it's one I made myself, and I don't deny myself anything.  If I can make it I can have it.

     I need to get more active, though.  All I do right now is yoga and walking. 

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  • I gained 50 lbs during my pregnancy and lost about 30 after birth and during that first post-partum week. A lot of it was bloat. But I still have about 15 lbs to lose. Honestly I've lost some weight in the past 2 months just by being very active carrying a 24-lb baby around. I also take two 1/2 walks on the weekends and now that I'm recently a SAHM I plan on doing that every day, so that will help with weight loss. That and not having time to eat big meals will do the trick. I didn't lose much weight up until 2 months ago, I guess my body took a while to start letting go of the extra baby weight. Honestly, I used to be a gym freak but with Adrian, I don't think I need it now, he keeps me running after him all day long and I'm constantly sweating and burning calories!

    When A was 3 months like yours, I felt so fat and unattractive. I BF partially up to 4 months. I think BFing was actually keeping the pounds on, although they said it should be the opposite. Plus, BFing made me really hungry. I honestly didn't start to feel sexy again until A was 6 months, so cut yourself some slack, it takes time for your body to recover. Hang in there and good luck!

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  • i lost 27lbs on jenny craig - pretty easily. I loved it - the first 20 came off EASY  - the next 10 were my goal but i got lazy and it was the holidays and i cheated a lot --- but still lost - all without exercise/working out. (just an occasional walk and chasing after 3 kids).

    I'm below my pre-pg weight... just 3lbs from what i weighed on my wedding day. My body is NOT the same (fat in my belly that was never there before) but I feel pretty good about it.

  • I lost 30 lbs after Isabel was born but it was all water weight due to pre-e. But I need to lose 50 lbs that I wished I lost before i got pregnant. What I am doing is getting rid of the maternity pants and forcing myself to wear the little-to-snug-for-comfort jeans that I wore before I got pregnant. Nothing motivates you better than wearing something all day that makes you aware it doesn't fit and you need to watch what you eat. Hanging a small sized dress on the wall to look at didn't work before but the jeans are making me not eat as much as before. I also removed white flour and replaced with multigrain and in some cases whole wheat. If I have something that has sugar in it, I make sure its natural, sorry no artificial sweeteners for me. I don't trust them and they give me bad headaches. Most importantly, avoid high fructose corn syrup, granted its in everything but it's what helps pack on the pounds.

    I also have two other things motivating me, one my health. I have high blood pressure and I'm tired of the pills I lose weight and perhaps I can stop taking them. The other is Isabel. Our kids learn good and bad habits from us and if I don't want her to eat bad then I need to eat better.

    Maybe we should all get together and motivate each other, swap recipes, lend an ear when needed and report progress weekly or bi-monthly? Good idea? if so, maybe we can come up with a name and make a badge to put in our sigs.

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