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summer infant video monitor

We got this monitor (MIL bought it as a gift for this baby) on the recommendations of many on this board

I never thought we needed a video monitor but we love having it now! I think I would've gone in a lot less when DD was a baby if I could see why she was whining/whimpering/crying and maybe she'd have been a better sleeper (or maybe not - ha).

anyway, we like it for the most part except for the static, it's crazy! It's even woken me up in the middle of the night! is everyone else having the static problem? I keep it away from radio/cell phone.


Re: summer infant video monitor

  • I never had a problem with the static unless I had the monitor too close to the camera.
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  • We love that monitor.  I have trouble with static sometimes when it's unplugged (maybe it's the battery), but if the monitor is plugged in no problems. 

    I understand people living in TH/apartments have more problems with cross-static than if you live in a SFH because of the closer proximity to other sources.

  • Yes, we have a huge static problem with ours (no matter where we are in the house) and it makes it really hard to use.  I really wish we would have bought the digital one.
  • Maybe it's interference from your wireless network at home? We had issues with that. We keep ours turned way down.
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  • We haven't had a problem with static as long as it's away from other things, but I just wanted to echo your thoughts on the video monitor. I thought it might be overkill but I LOVE it. I agree, I think it helps a ton with not going in as much. I can see that he's okay, just readjusting, or talking to himself. When we did our small version of Ferber it was really nice to be able to see him in between checks. It really is probably my favorite thing. :)
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  • image tomandcourt:
    Maybe it's interference from your wireless network at home? We had issues with that. We keep ours turned way down.

    this is an excellent point! the static is the worst when the monitor is unplugged and in the living room, DH usually has his laptop on.

    but it's also static-y in the middle of the night sometimes, when it's plugged in. We live in a SFH

  • Mine gets noisy if I put it to close to my clock-radio on my nightstand at night. But it is plugged in at that time. Also will be static-y if too close to the camera.

    I loved ours so much we got the second one for DS room. So we have dueling monitors!!!! :)

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  • Not only do we have static issues but we can pick up other neighborhood babies!  LOL!  We don't mind, we just switch the channels.  We live in a TH so I guess it is to be expected. 

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  • I, too, thought that the video monitor would be more than I really needed, but, I wanted it.  DH was deployed until LO was 9 months old and I wanted the ease of being able to check on him easily.

    Now, I would not want to live without it.  My LO is really quiet when he wakes up (so NOT like his mama!). . . many mornings, I would not have known he was up if I went by sound alone.

    We have the Summer Best View from Target.  We have not had any problems with static.  We lived in a SFH before we moved.  We are now in a TH and have not had any problems yet. . .  

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  • ours was bad around our wireless too...DH changed the type of router we have and have had no issues since:-)
  • Thanks everyone for recommendations! This is really helpful. For some reason my original post asking for monitor recommendations was removed, but the responses are still here? Odd. But thanks! I think I will definitely go with the video monitor.
  • Reminds me of the episode of Modern Family when Lily's monitor picks up someone else in the neighborhood, and her dads follow the "soap opera" that's going on in their neighbor's house.  Stick out tongue

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  • image 7*7*7bride:
    Not only do we have static issues but we can pick up other neighborhood babies!? LOL!? We don't mind, we just switch the channels.? We live in a TH so I guess it is to be expected.?


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