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Post from 2nd tri - How many kids?

I thought this was a cute post and some of the responses are hilarious!

How many kids would you and DH want?

Re: Post from 2nd tri - How many kids?

  • I always figured that the Duggars could survive any doomsday scenario - they built their own house and they have enough kids to be successful at subsistence farming, lol.  The parents will definitely be well-taken care of in their old age.

    As for us, we always said 2.  Now, we're considering 3 or 4.  DH has 4 siblings and 10 aunts/uncles and, although there's always drama, it's nice to have such a big family that there's always someone there for you.  There's never a dull moment in his family, that's for sure!  This is the first grandchild on both sides, but hopefully our child will have lots of cousins.   On the other hand, pairs seem to run in my family.  My parents only had 1 sibling each and all my cousins are also in pairs - mostly boy/girl siblings.  I have only one brother, also.  But, we're all still very close. 

  • I am having the Essure procedure done today @ noon :)..I feel that my family is complete with my two boys :)
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  • Before C I had always said I wanted 3 kids, but now I only want 2. Labor and delivery were tough, the first few weeks were tough, and every day brings its own set of challenges. I had a hard time emotionally the first few weeks so I'm only willing to potentially relive that one more time. I really want C to have a sibling and feel like a 2nd child would complete and round out our family.
  • I'm an only child, and a very happy one :)

    I have always said I wanted 2, DH agrees.  I would be happy with 1 though.  We'll see. 

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  • Prior to this pregnancy, my DH would've said as many as possible. I was pretty set on 1 or 2 max. Since we've had a rough pregnancy this round, and the costs of daycare etc in this area are astronomical, we have both decided that the birth of this baby boy will complete our family. I am so confident in our decision. DH did make a funny comment the other day to our friends/neighbors, "Well, Allison's had such a tough time with this pregnancy that I know there is no way I'll be able to talk her into baby #3. No baseball team for us!"

  • Since I was an only child for 17 years before my baby brother came along, I always wanted 2-3 children. DH comes from a very large family and wanted a football team with cheerleaders. lol Now after reality set in, we would be blessed with 1 child but still would love 2 - 4 total. *Note: We also have a frozen blastocyst so we take that into consideration also. :)
  • I come from 2 kids and I always wanted 3.  DH comes from 3 (well 3 in his immediate family - he has 16 1/2 brothers/sisters that live in Nicaragua-his dad was a bit of a ho before he married his mom) and he always wanted 4.  I think if we get blessed with one more that will be it. :)


  • We've always said three, and having Emma has just solidified that number in my mind. I really enjoyed being pregnant and I am loving the baby stage...I can't imagine doing it "only" one more time. DH and I agree that even if the next one is a boy and we have our little pair, we would still go for the 3rd anyway. And I've always really wanted at least one of each gender, so if baby #2 were to be a girl, there would be even more incentive to try for the 3rd (even though DH is 100% convinced that we are going to be parents to three daughters lol).

    Maybe I'll feel differently after having the 2nd one, but honestly, if money were not an issue, I could see myself having four or five. But that's not realistic considering the cost of living down here and the type of life we want to provide for our kids. So I think three is definitely the max. The house we just bought can comfortably accomodate three kids without anyone having to share a room, so that would be ideal :)

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  • I want 3-4 but I'm scared of the risks of that many repeat c/s' and if I'm a candidate for a vbac.. That a holds risks as well. So we'll see
  • I always said 3 but now I say 2 maybe 3. We'll have to wait and see. I did lol at that post though...I loved the Duggars pic that says Vagina, it's not a clown car
  • I'm an only child and DH is the youngest of 5, so we agree 2-3 is a good number in the middle.

  • DH and I are both from 4 kid families, but I've always wanted 3-5.  DH says we're done with 2, and he's starting to convince me.  Mainly it's the financial strain, but it's also b/c even 2 kids is sometimes a lot of work and I feel spread too thin sometimes.  Not sure how I would do with a third.  But we'll see.  Nothing is set in stone.
  • EliStarEliStar member

    We would like two or three :) I have two brothers and DH has one brother and we both feel like our families are a nice size. I know I won't really know 100% how I feel about it until I've gone through a pregnancy and delivery but ideally I want at least two. If we were able to do it financially, we'd love an even bigger family (four or five) but that probably won't happen.



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  • ha!!! you're going to think i'm nuts but i'm def considering moving to the mid-west getting a farm and raising a football team & cheerleaders!!!! i <3 big families....but I refuse to give birth to all of my children.  And that's coming from someone who thinks she had a good pregnancy and great delivery.  I just think there are soooo many children in this world that need homes.  For now I think we will have 2 to 3 plus adopt at least 1 child.  Let's see if this happens once I have #2.
  • Dh and I always said 3... we both have 2 siblings.  However, as time passed, and we realized the cost of living, we slowly changed our minds to 2, and that is what we are blessed with so far!

    However, we do have 4 blasts frozen, and we want to give each and every one of them the opportunity.  So, realistically, I think 4 may be our final number (not all survive)... and that is my lucky number, so we'll see.  Whatever God hands us, we'll be ready.  : )

    We are actually currently pondering moving (yes thinking of it again) b/c 1) house may be too small, 2) great interest rates (@ 4.5%), and 3) move to a more affluent neighborhood w/ better public schools ($ we'd save on private school we'd put into paying a higher mortgage/etc).

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  • Growing up I always said I wanted 10 kids.  But realistically, we'll be more than happy with however many we get.  We both want a big family though, so I'm hoping for at least 5... we'll see.  After miscarrying my first one, I think the hard reality that kids don't necessarily come easy has set in.  We'll love all the children God blesses us with and if we don't have more than one or two (can't really see that happening) maybe we'll look in to adoption.
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  • I've always just wanted one. I waiver sometimes about the possibility of a 2nd, but most days if you ask me, I am done with 1! She's handful, and DH is away a lot... i don't think i can handle 2 by myself all the time.  I definitely would never have more than 2.
  • this is my third pregnancy and while I think that physically I am DONE, I think Eric and I still want to add to our family, maybe one more after this one... I dunno. But I think I am still young (I am 28) and have plenty of time in the futur if we decided to have more kids.

  • I would love to have 2 more, but DH says one more and that's it. I am the oldest of three and DH is an only child. We'll see what we are blessed with in the future :)
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  • I always wanted 2 but after having DS I want 3. I only have 1 brother and DH has 2 siblings. I really hope we can have 3 but it depends on how much money we have. Right now we can only afford 2 (I want to be able to travel with the kids and to be able to enroll them in many extracurriculars and that cosst money). The good news is that I am not working right now and I will go back to work in the future so we might be able to have 3 (and DH business has been affected by the economy so we'll probably make more money when things go back to normal). DH and I are also on the same page regarding the number of children so that's good too.
  • we're pretty sure we are done w/ 3, but i love everything about becoming a mom. i adore being pregnant, i truly love nursing and every second i spend with my children. i would love to do this 10 more times, but b/c of the type of mother i want to be, it would be too difficult. i like to spend quality time with my children and give them attention and w/ more children i would be spread too thin. i used to say i only wanted 2, but  i had the twins first and said that didn't count as 2 b/c only 1 pregnancy. :-)

  • We always said 3-4 but after having A we decided on 2. I just can't imagine having 4 kids and giving all 4 of them the attention they all require. I know a lot of moms that have raised 4+ kids and they're all amazing adults, but I'm not sure I have it in me.
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  • We go back and forth between 1 and 2. Before we had L, I would always say I wanted a big family. I'm an only child and I hated it. I did have lots of cousins, though, and I loved the big family (I'm the only one of my cousins who's an only child), but it's not the same as having a sibling.

    After having L, though, sometimes, I say I'm done with 1! Like Tania, I feel myself spread too thin, and I only have 1 right now! I know DH feels the same. I do want L to have a sibling, though, so we're trying to decide the if and when of the second. I don't know. We fluctuate. I do think we'll go for the 2nd though.  

  • We are 99% sure we are done and 2 is it for us.

    DH and I both like the idea of 3, but for a lot of reasons, we are most likely going to leave it at two.  The first reason being how expensive kids are, but also because I had such a rough pregnancy with Nicholas and then he turned out to be colic, fussy, and high needs.  Of course I adore him, but to this day, he wears me out emotionally and physically....I couldn't handle another one like him. Adrianna was an easy pregnancy and such an easy baby.  I am counting myself lucky and leaving it at that.

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