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Dealing with acid reflux...

Never in my life have I had to deal with reflux except after the occassional ate-way-too-much bonanza at a Mexican restaurant.  But now, it's throughout the day and night and it doesn't matter what I eat or whether I'm laying flat, laying on an incline, sitting or standing.

Tums helps a bit but I wanted to see if anyone has any other tips for dealing with this.  Thank you!

Re: Dealing with acid reflux...

  • Ask your OB/GYN for an Rx during your pregnancy. Your organs are being smushed and re-organized which forces stomach acid up even if you never had it before. It's very common. That is what my OB told me at least. Wink Also, do not lay down too soon after eating. That was a huge tip for me since I seemed to want to nap all the time!
  • When I was pregnant with DS, the doctor gave me a rx for Prevacid, which is now over the counter.  
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  • I take a generic acid reducer, it works instantly. Tums is nothing but candy for me...
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