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Memorial Day weekend plans?

Anybody got good ones?

We'll be cleaning the house, planting shrubs and a garden in the yard and babyproofing.  Yawn.


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Re: Memorial Day weekend plans?

  • We're taking baby on her first road trip to Chestertown, MD for the Chestertown Tea Party (not associated with the Tea Party Movement). It's a festival to celebrate when Chestertown had their own version of the Boston Tea Party. My BIL and SIL live there and we go every year. It's lots of fun, but mainly a chance to visit.

     We are actually a little worried about their dog who has gotten trouble lately for biting and is very jealous of anyone my SIL pays attention to. We've laid it out that the dog has to be locked away before SIL can get anywhere near the baby. 

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  • jarbatzjarbatz member

    Saturday we are celebrating my older sister's 40th bday by going out to dinner (all my siblings and mom) and then out for drinks after!  Brenna is going to BIL & SIL's house for the night. 

    Its hard to be away from her and not be worrying that she's OK but I'm sure after a few drinks, I will be able to relax.  My biggest fear is not something happening to her but just her crying and them not being able to soothe her. 

    This will be our first family get together since my dad got sick in January...we almost lost him a few times but he's finally turning a corner (YEA!!)...and even though he won't be there, there won't be the same gray cloud that's been hanging over us these last 4 months.   

    Sunday I am contemplating deswaddling Brenna...LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH.

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  • My brother and his family (3 kids) are going camping about an hour south of us and we haven't seen them since Christmas, so we'll probably run down there either Saturday or Sunday.  We're also going to celebrate my brithday (which was Tuesday) and go out for some Chicago style pizza.  I'm hoping to hook up with a friend of mine that I've kind of lost touch with since I got pregnant...she only lives 1/2 mile away, which is really sad, but our lives have just taken off in different directions.
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  • imageBrideBuddies:

    Anybody got good ones?

    We'll be cleaning the house, planting shrubs and a garden in the yard and babyproofing.  Yawn.

    Unfortunately, I think our plans will be similar -- cleaning, getting the backyard together, and going through our belongings to get rid of the excess stuff by selling it, giving it to charity or throwing it away as appropriate.  The house we are moving to is about 60% the size, so a lot of things HAVE to go.  Sad

    Hopefully, we'll find time for *something* fun.

  • Gracie is getting baptized Sunday. We are hosting lunch for the family afterwards. Other than that...chillin
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  • M.AmyM.Amy member

    I am hoping to go to the "beach" with Matt. I still laugh that the water out here in Colorado since I grew up in Massachusetts.  Anyway I am excited to really get him in the water and see what he does outside of his tub.

    Other than that just chilling and catching up on chores (yawn).

  • Beach in Colorado?  Surely you're not talking about Chatfield or Boulder Res?  Around here, people go to Pueblo Res and it's a big, treeless puddle!
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  • Ours are mostly boring, too.  Cleaning, decluttering, donation drop off, running budgets for a potential move.  We have plans to GTG with one of DH's friends who hasn't met DD yet and with my bro & his wife, so that part should be fun!
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  • Cleaning, sorting out what will and will not move with us when we go, figuring out how we will move with cats in summer.
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  • DH and I have a date on Saturday - an all-day date!! Ada will stay with my Dad and his wife for the day. We're going to Napa and DH has planned everything and kept it a surprise. He ordered my Mother's Day gift too late to get here for the day so here it sits on the desk as I write this. He has big plans to present it to me at lunch. So funny because weeks before MD I sent him the link to here and wrote "get me something from here. You pick. It's my first Mothers Day and I want it to be special!" . Sweet and uncharacteristic of him. I'll focus on the "sweet" part. Saturday night some friends fly in from Seattle with their 1 yo daughter so it'll be a full house and lots of fun!
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  • Saturday is celebration day - graduation party for a friend's son, birthday party for a friend.  Sunday will be family day - ribs with my folks, a visit to DH's mom, and hopefully, Monday will be a quiet day for the three of us.  
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