TTC after 35


Oh my goodness!! You are KU!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't been around in ages and just saw your ticker :)
So of course I had to go "back in time" to find your announcement post, which I did find. I am THRILLED for you!!


Re: ***Strunella***

  • Thanks, Dina!  After that surprise, my motto is definitely, "You just never know!"   I just put up a ticker 2 days ago...still kind of nervous.

    Hope things are going well for you.  I do lurk over on IF occasionally.  Gearing up for next IVF?  


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  • Seriously! I guess you never do know!! :)

    I wish you a H&H... 8 more months now I guess 

    I started up IVF #2 on 5/4. I'm on a really looooong protocol. Antagonist with estrogen priming. I will be starting stims on Tuesday if all looks good. I really hope and pray that this is it for me.

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  • Good luck, good luck, good luck!! I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!!  I hope this is it!  Keep me posted.
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