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Update Glaucoma

I am happy to announce that I don't have glaucoma.  Cool  What I do have is thick cornea, which makes the pressure numbers extra high.  He did say that because my pressure was high even for thick cornea that I would probably get it when I get old. 

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    Hey there - I am sorry I missed your previous post here but I have glaucoma and have had it since my 20s.  I am SOOO very glad that you do not have to deal with this very debilitating disease.  I just started my IVF and trying to deal with meds while TTC has been...interesting to say the least. 

    You should still make sure that you monitor your pressures nonetheless.  High pressures in the eye - regardless of the cause - can cause damage to the optic nerve. 

    Best to you!

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  • Oh what a relief Marjorie! 
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    What a relief! Big Smile
  • Thanks ladies.  I have to back in six months and if my pressure hasn't change then once a year around the time I see my regular eye doctor.  I guess this will teach me since I ignored my eyes for three year.  I kept putting it off cause something else needed that money.  Now after this scare I will be making sure that putting a visit to the eye doctor off is not an option.

  • I was thinking of you today, and I'm really happy to hear your update!
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  • That's great news! 

    I had a pre-cancerious lesion removed from my cornea several years ago and was told there is the risk of developing glaucoma as I get older as my pressure numbers are high too. I don't wear glasses so never really had regular check-ups, but now treat my eyes so much differently!

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