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9 month appt

Vivianna had her 9 month appt and she was one ounce shy of 17 pounds and 27 inches long. She is at the 15th percentile for weight and 50th for height.

She is just miss charmer, knows how to flirt already and demands to be the center of attention. Yesterday DH and I were talking while we ate, she was just sitting in her high chair. Well apparently she felt ignored so she coughed loudly and when we both stopped and looked at her she just grinned as if to say "umhm you better look at me" Heaven help us.

Our contruction project is now done so we moved our bed last night into our new bedroom. I think I checked on her 10 times but she didn't even notice we were not in the same room anymore. I get to spend a lot of my holiday weekend moving clothes and such.


Re: 9 month appt

  • Yay V! Way to grow!

    Did you put an addition on your house?  Look at it this way - at least you have a holiday weekend for the move, so you can hopefully still get some time to relax and enjoy DD.

    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
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    Way to go!
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  • Yay, great stats!  And you gotta love a charming baby girl...
  • Yay!  It sounds like she's healthy and knows what she wants!  :)
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  • You know what?  Sounds like BabyG.  I am worried. She is healthy, crawling, babling, etc.  But her lightness worries me.  I am always shoving food in her mouth so she would eat more.  Are you worried?
  • I don't think you should be worried!  My DD was 16lbs. 11oz. at her 9 mo. appt.  Only 10th percentile for weight.  (She'd previously been below the 5th percentile, so we're thrilled).  She's 26.5" long.  She looks happy and healthy to me (certainly not skinny) and the dr. agreed so we're not worried. 
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  • YAY!!! She sounds like quite the little charmer! The 9 months appt was my favorite because there weren't any shots. She just got to flirt with the doctor and nurse. :o) I 'm glad your appointment went well.
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  • She sounds absolutely PERFECT!

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