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Hurricane Prone Areas

I was over on 3-6 and found this post.  Thought it would be useful for us mommies in hurricane prone areas.  And since we have preemies there are lots of other things to consider. 

Some things the NICU recommended...

If your baby is on oxygen/vent/monitor, make sure to contact your county so you can register to go to a special needs shelter (if needed).

Also, the NICU recommended we contact our power company and nearest fire station and let them know that we have life saving equipment (oxygen/vent).

And remember to have enough presciption medicines on hand.

Re: Hurricane Prone Areas

  • Thanks! Hopefully we won't have one this year but it would definitely be good to be prepared. Ughhh I really don't want to have to try to evacuate : /
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  • I know...I feel the same way!  When I found this, I thought "Crap!  Never thought about if a hurricane hits!"  Guess I have my project for the weekend!
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  • Thanks for posting this! There's a lot to think about...

     I live in Orlando too! Hopefully we'll have a "boring" hurricane season :)

  • Thanks for this.  Our NICU gave me for letter to fill out and send to the fire/power company to tell them B is on an apnea monitor.  I need to send them in.  We already lost power once and had a tornado nearby last week.
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  • I know when we had the apnea monitor it was highly encouraged that we call the power company so we can be on a "preferred list" so that when the power goes out they can work to restore our area first.
  • Sure hope it is a quiet one this year!  We are finally putting Ike behind us and that was like 2 years ago! Thanks for posting this!
  • I HATE hurricane season.  DS was in the NICU during Rita and it was awful.
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