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A Cake Request...

We had our anatomy scan this morning and we're waiting to tell DH's family the sex of the baby until we have dinner with them Thursday evening.  I'd read the idea somewhere of having a non-descript cake made with either pink or blue icing inside...so that the sex is revealed when the cake is cut into.

I have called two area bakeries and they have acted like they don't have the foggiest idea of what I'm describing! Argh! 

Re: A Cake Request...

  • This is how we told our parents about Gabriel.  On the top I wrote "Boy or Girl?" in green icing.  I just did a cake mix and store icing.
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  • You could get a strawberry cake for a girl or use a white cake with blue food coloring for a boy...and white icing.  If you want someone else to make it call on O'Dear, she's awesome.
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  • If you color the cake use chocolate icing.  You can see blue through white icing.  I don't know about pink. 
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  • Thanks, ladies! I may just make it myself.
  • Another idea is to use white cake with either, with white icing and just do the filler as pink or blue icing.  Enjoy spreading the news!
  • That is how the Today Show told Josh and Anna Duggar what they were having.  The Cake Boss did the cake for them.  I think it's a cute idea!

    If you do it yourself, I'd recommend using gel color (like Wilton) instead of regular food coloring.  The gel color won't alter the taste of the cake like the food coloring will.

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  • mom2llmom2ll member
    Maybe blueberry or strawberry filling?  I'm sure you could mix a little blueberry puree or strawberry puree in white or yellow cake to color it.  Congrats!!
  • These are pictures of ours:





    We had to have bakeries make ours because we weren't in the same towns as our parents but I would have totally made them if they lived here in Houston.

     2 layer cake. Outside says Its A. They cut in and the icing was pink for girl. Simple easy and fun. 


  • lucy87lucy87 member
    I dont know if you found someone to do this for you but I own a bakery in the Spring/Woodlands area and that is definantly something I can do for you, just send me a message.
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