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Pedi and BLW

We have our 6 month well visit today and I know the conversation of solids will come up and I am unsure of how to talk to Pedi about our choice to use BLW. I talked about it briefly at her 4 month visit and she hadn't heard of it and said she would be afraid the baby would choke etc. We are seeing a different doc today though (I am trying to visit all of them in the practice so I know them in case of an ill visit)

I know many ladies here are against lying/avoiding conversations with Pedi but I am pretty non confrontational and don't know if I feel like defending or explaining our decision to do this. WWYD? Would you just say something basic like "We've slowly introduced solids now and are just getting our feet wet..." or would you bring along a pamphlet or something about BLW in case he isn't familiar so he is aware of our choice and the reasons behind it.

Sorry if this seems petty I just really don't know what to do. I really do trust our Pedi and like going there. I just sometimes feel uneasy in the non conventional choices we are making and having to justify myself as a parent.

Thanks for any support you can offer.

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Re: Pedi and BLW

  • I brought along some basic info on it that I got from a BLW seminar (long before the book came out). Surprisingly, DD's pedi said that's how he preferred people do solids so it was great. He even asked if he could make copies to share.

    So I say do it- bring some basic info and let them know your plans. 

  • We were not specific about solids.  At our 6 month apt (we moved across the country between 4 and 6 months so it was also the first time we met) the pedi asked about what he ate and I just said that we were starting solids tomorrow.  That was the end of the conversation.  She really doesn't give parenting advice unless asked for it.  She was exactly the same way when we talked about sleep. 


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  • I don't post here often, but this post caught my eye, so I wanted to share my experience. I told the pedi that we were giving DS some mushy food chunks (avocado, sweet potato, banana, etc.) on his high chair tray to play with and explore and taste. I think that's a good way to bring it up to a pedi who isn't as familiar with BLW (although some quick literature on the topic is helpful and may encourage the pedi to look into it more).

    We're doing a hybrid approach, though; there are food allergies in the family, so we're introducing foods slowly. DS gets some mashes/purees (although our homemade ones are chunkier than the jarred version), but he feed himself with the spoon - I put food on it, then he takes if from me or picks it up off the tray and feeds himself.

    The response from our pedi was that we could continue doing the chunks on the tray, but she encouraged giving him some purees/mashed foods and/or cereals so he was ingesting more than he would without those. Since he feeds himself with the spoon, we were okay with that suggestion. He's getting really good with feeding himself banana (I leave some peel on so he can get a grip) and picking up and gnawing Os cereal, so I know he's definitely okay on the chewing!

    Good luck! 

  • All DS' doctor asks is if he's eating solids and what kinds. She does not ask in what form. I have mentioned we follow BLW but haven't said anything more. It is not up for discussion.
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  • I don't think you need to go into detail if you are comfortable with your decision. If you don't need your doctor's advice on the subject, I don't think you need to bring it up.

    I've had doctors tell me, "I'll do some research on it and get back to you." If that's not the type of doctor you have, I don't see the point of making an issue out of it. You've made up your mind already. When my doctor was giving us baby food information at our 4 month appt (DS was actually closer to 5 months at the time), I just kind of said, "Okay." They can give all the advice they want, but you don't have to follow it.

    I don't think BLW is one of those things that would be considered hiding something from your doctor. Now, if your baby was having food issues or wasn't gaining enough weight, etc. and you decided not to tell your doctor, then I would think that's a problem. However, if your baby is otherwise healthy and you don't want your doctor's advice, I think this is a parenting decision.

    I think hiding things from your doctor becomes a problem when maybe there is an underlying medical issue that you might not have considered, but your doctor might pick up on if they knew about it.

  • thank you ladies for easing my mind :)
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  • ncbellencbelle member

    My pedi was pretty supportive - she asked if we had started yet at 6 months (at 4 months I told her we were waiting until 6 months which she encouraged).  I told her we were just giving him pieces of soft food and she said that's great!

    Personally, I don't think it's something you have to bring up unless you want your pedi's advice.  If he wasn't receptive before, I'd just go with the "we are taking it slow" line.  

  • Our peds were not very open to it at all, and they were also super worried about choking.  Our ped was really stressing starting solids at 4 months, and we just told them "ok" even though that's not what we wanted to do.  At her 6 month appt we just told them we had started solids (didn't specify) and they were satisfied with that answer.  Now, she had her 9 month appt earlier this week and they were floored when we told them that she eats all table foods and eats whatever we eat.  Like someone else said, it's a parenting decision, not a medical decision. 
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