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What can I do about scabs in nose?

I have an awful dry nose and there are scabs in there that are very sore. I'm not sure what I should use to soften the inside of my nose up and get rid of these scabs (dryness). Anyone have any suggestions? It is painful at times.

Re: What can I do about scabs in nose?

  • Get some Ayr Saline Gel and use the heck out of it.  It'll moisturize adequately and it doesn't run like a liquid would.
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  • I have MAJOR issues with my nose being dry and subsequently bleeding.  Ayr is my saving grace.
  • See a dermatologist.  I had what you're describing back in the fall and saw my regular dr and he gave me a steriod cream which cleared it up, but it was back less than a month later, this time spreading to the other side.  It hurt so bad to blow my nose, put makeup on, anything.  I called a derm, and I tested positive for staph.  Gross, I know... but he said 1/3 of the population have staph all the time and another 1/3 have it intermittenly, so roughly 2/3 of the pop are just walking around with it.  That didn't make me feel better, though.  Plus, I was 12w pregnant by this time.

    He gave a nasal bactrum that I put in the first 5 days of every month.  It was cleared up in two days.  First relief I'd had in months, though. 

  • Plain old Neosporin OINTMENT will work even better than the saline gel if you have active scabs in the nose.  The saline gel is very good for general dryness, but Neosporin will heal sores better.
  • The same thing happened to me after I had DD. I ended up putting a bit of Neosporin on a Q-Tip and applying it to the sores.
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