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How many hooded towels & wash cloths do we need?

These seemed to be a popular gift at my shower yesterday. I have about 20 wash cloths and 8 hooded towels. All terry cloth. 

How many would you say you actually use?


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Re: How many hooded towels & wash cloths do we need?

  • 2 of each per week.
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  • You'll need all the washcloths. :) 

    As for hooded towels... I only received one as a gift and bought 2 more and that was good enough for us for now. 

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  • 2...we're doing laundry twice a week now, and he takes 2-3 baths a week. We haven't actually even opened the second one, but he's only a month old. The hooded towels are nice, though, we like them. We have a Winnie the Pooh one, it's adorable! Smile
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  • jarbatzjarbatz member

    We started off with 2 and I got 3 more after DD was born.  We have a TON of washcloths - maybe not 20 but 15 probably.  And we use them a the beginning we used to wipe DD when we changed her diaper b/c the wipes irritated her skin. 

    And now that we are giving regular baths, I use 2 just to cover her up as I'm washing her, so she doesn't get cold.  And then another to wash and one to rinse. 

    Its good to have one in your diaper bag too!

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  • not that many!! lol i'd say 3-4 towels at most not even.. wash cloths.. it depends, we use them for everything.. bath time, after feedings to wash her face and clean her gums, i even use them sometimes while im bf to cover my nipple while i burp her so i dont leak down my belly.. It also depends if you have a wash & dryer at your home or if you have to wait till the end of the week to do your laundry!!
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    I thought we got WAY too many, but it turns out we do use them a lot. We have 6 hooded towels and about 20 washcloths. We use 2 towels & 2 washcloths at a time every other day for baths. We also use the washcloths to wipe down his mouth and neck after he eats since he's a massive dribbler.

    But, realistically, you don't really need those cute hooded towels, the same towels that you already have should be fine as long as they are pretty soft. Same goes for the washcloths, but I've found that most of my household small washcloths were too thick to get in all his fat rolls ;),

  • I seemed to get a ton of each also.  I ended up keeping 4 hooded towels and 10-12 wash cloths.  The towels are plenty, but I wouldn't mind a few more wash cloths of the type that I like the best (a soft, thick organic kind).  I use two each time I bathe DD, and I keep one in the diaper bag in case I want to wipe her hands/face while we're out.
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  • I would say go ahead and hang on to the wash cloths.  I have at least 8 or 10 hooded towels and I don't use them all.  Should have returned some.
  • image lindsaynjason:
    I would say go ahead and hang on to the wash cloths.  I have at least 8 or 10 hooded towels and I don't use them all.  Should have returned some.

    Thanks. I think I'll hang on to most of the wash cloths and return some of the hooded towels.  

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  • Need?  Honestly, none.  A baby doesn't need his or her own towel or washcloth.   If you want him to have his own stuff, then a couple of towels and 3-4 washcloths is plenty.
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  • That is more than enough haha. I have started bathing DS each night to get him into a routine. I actually don't even use the wash cloths. I find its easier to get him suds up just using my hands. Although I keep one around incase he starts peeing everywhere! I got a lot of towels and washcloths at my showers too. Popular items.
  • araevgaraevg
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    We give a nightly bath and use two washclothes for each bath. I do laundry once a week, so I use 7 towels and 14 washclothes each week.

    Good luck!

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  • That's excessive. I use 2-3 per week.
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    I know I am late to this discussion but - We give DD a bath about 3 times a week.   (every other day) I am not an every day laundry person so I try to limit how many times I have to do laundry.  That being said I think we have used 3 of our hooded towels, and we use those regularly as far as wash cloths, that is one thing I wish I had more of.  I use atleast 2 a bath one for her body, then a second for her face (without soap), and then I use it on her hair.  Sometimes I use a third to rinse her hair off.  So that would be 9 just for three baths a week.  Sometimes I use them during the week to wash her face and hands as well.  I would say 20 is probably a good number of those.
  • I use the washclothes as cloth wipes, so I use a ton. In terms of washing her, I use one a day. I do laundry every few days so I wouldn't need many if I didn't CD.


    For towels, I have 3, but I only really need 1. She only gets a full on bath every three days, and the towel has time to dry in between.

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