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Going to HK tomorrow and she is SICK

I posted my concerns last week (thank you for all of the kind responses) about my upocoming trip away from DD and now I am really freaking out! I leave my 16mo DD tomorrow for the first time to travel to HK for business and she's ill. We re pretty lucky to day that she has, outside of her dairy issues, never been to the pedi for being sick until NOW. Can you beleive the timing? I feel so bad and so guilty because I can't not go on the trip, its' non refundable on the company for one thing, but there are a dozen people traveling from around the world to attend MY sales meeting. I have never had a work/home conflict of this magnitude.

She had a bad fever late Sat/ and yesterday but seemed much better this morning. I figured she was better and gave her one more dose of fever reducer before I left. She will only nurse & take a bottle, no other liquids, no food, and slept on and off for 18 hours yesterday. Again, she seemed very happy and the fever was gone this morning. Now she's back to being very lathargic and we have an appt. in a few hours. I feel so bad for not taking her in first thing this morning.

I think i'm having an anxiety attack. I'm supposed to be packing up my things from work i need to take and all i can do is write this babbling post to keep from having a major meltdown. DH is acting calm but I think he is freaking out as well.


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Re: Going to HK tomorrow and she is SICK

  • Thanks :-) Pedi says it is a virus and as you mentioned should take 3-5ish days. If she has a fever Thursday papa has to take her back in. As long as she is taking the B-milk i am leaving for her she should be fine. Sooooooo soooooooooooo glad I am nursing. This will definetly make the hassle of pumping on my trip that much more worth the effort...

    but for now I'm a tired over stressed mama with a sleepy monkey clinging to me, a half packed suitcase and a trip to Target to make before all is said and done tonight

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  •  I replied to one of your earlier posts about this.  I did not pump once during those 3 days I could not nurse(medical testing) and went right back into to nursing.  I'm sure everyone is different.   If you find a couple times to pump daily, great, but don't kill yourself trying to  make it all happen.  I hope your little one feels better.  Safe travels!
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