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Weekend Childbirthing Class??

Does anyone know of a weekend childbirthing class in the KC/Overland Park area?  The husband & I are looking for more than just a one day course as this is our first.
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Re: Weekend Childbirthing Class??

  • I don't live in this area, but I was wondering have you contacted a local hospital to see about their classes. I live in Wichita and the hospital I will be using has different options of taking a 2 hr class 6 times or a (2) 5 hr class on a Saturday. 

    Good luck on finding a class that meets your needs.

  • Like the PP said, you should check with your hospital to see what classes they offer.  Ours offered a course that was 1 night a week for 6 weeks or something like that and then a course that was 8 hours on a Saturday I believe.  Hope you're abel to find what you're looking for!

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