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did you have any alcohol while pregnant?

I can't remember what my Dr said about it.  I'm talking 1/2 a glass of wine.  I have a growing wine collection since I get a bottle when dh does.  I'm just saving mine.

Re: did you have any alcohol while pregnant?

  • Nope.  But I like to feel my alcohol, so 1/2 a glass seems pointless to me :)
  • I never did, DH wouldn't let me even if I wanted to. People are a lot stricter with alcohol here than in Europe - I think they limit it to 1 drink per week there.

    Plus, 1/2 glass is such a tease...I couldn't do that to myself : )

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  • Nope- DH said no way. He's so easy going about everything that when he puts his foot down- I gotta respect that.
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  • TinaL99TinaL99 member
    I had a glass of red wine at 37 weeks.  It took me over an hour to drink it, lol!  It was part of my birthing class instructors idea to put women into labor (a good Italian meal, a glass of wine, and lots of didn't work but it was yummy!)
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  • I would have sips of DH's beer and I had a half glass of wine 2 or 3 times throughout the pregnancy.
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  • When we went on our babymoon cruise (I was 25 weeks), the couple we sat w/ at dinner were French... they ordered all kinds of (expensive) yummy wine, and always insisted DH have a glass. So I would have a sip or 2. I figured when was I going to get to taste a $100+ bottles of wine again?!

    Besides that, I had a small glass of wine on my birthday. And a sip here or there. But it never tasted the same to me.

  • wendyjwendyj member
    No. I didn't have any interest in it, other than the one time I totally craved a margarita during my 1st tri. Not being able to have one killed me.
  • imagexKimx:
    I would have sips of DH's beer and I had a half glass of wine 2 or 3 times throughout the pregnancy.


  • I had one of those taster glasses of wine at Olive Garden on Valentine's Day (I was in my 2nd tri) and did the same thing again this past weekend (at 35 weeks).  I have missed wine but just a couple of tastes helped :)
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  • I had a glass at Christmas and then a few sips here and there. You can find studies to support moderation if it will make you feel better. But if you are just opening a bottle for yourself then  a lot of wine would go to waste and that to me would be worse!
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  • I had a few "tastes" of wine at work.. literally sips though.. Never even a full half a glass.
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  • I had 3/4 a glass of wine the night before my induction. Oh and I mixed up my virgin mimosa with K's regular one on NYEs and accidentally had some champagne too.
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  • I don't drink so I never had any alcohol while pregnant.
  • I only have had one sip of champagne at a wedding I went to a couple weeks ago during the toast, and it was just because it was for the toast.  I haven't really wanted alcohol at all this pregnancy, it smells weird to me right now.


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  • The only time I ever drink is the occasional pina colada or "fun" drink.  I def don't crave alcohol.. so no.
  • No I never did.  I don't really like it that much though.
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  • Nope, I didn't.  And I definitely love to have a glass of wine or some mixed drinks a few times a month, but I really didn't miss it when I was pregnant. 
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  • DH and I both stopped drinking any alcohol about 2 years ago, so months before I was pregnant.  We haven't had any since, and do not miss it.
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  • I don't drink much anyway, but no.  I hdon't actually remember the last time I had a drink since I didn't drink while we were cycling with IVF and on all the meds, either.  And still haven't since I'm still breasfeeding.

    I had some N/A fun drinks on our babymoon, though, and they were just as good - yum!

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  • So far in this pregnancy, I have had 2 glasses. And this has only been in the last 2 months.
  • I had a glass of champage on my birthday and on our anniversary- i was in my 3rd tri and the dates were about a week apart then I had a glass on new years eve- which was 2 weeks before L was born
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