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reaction to applesauce

Yesterday we introduced gerber applesauce at breakfast, by late afternoon Tori had little bumps on her cheek/chin, I assumed it was from drooling.  Fast forward today, DH gives her applesauce again at breakfast, by the time I got home from work at 2:15 her neck, belly, arms & diaper area had some bumps too.  At bath time it's spread to her back....anyone else have a LO who had a reaction like this?  Breathing seems fine, she's been cranky today but we chalked that up to not sleeping well last night.  Nothing has been changed ie soap, laundry detergant etc.  Should I call the ped?  or just stop giving her applesauce??

Re: reaction to applesauce

  • I am just a paranoid mom so I would call.  especially b/c i didn't think applesauce would cause an allergic reaction.  could it be anything else?  If you spread the rash apart does it turn flesh color? I know that is what the dr has told me.
  • DH is allergic to apples so I would call.
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  • DS was allergic to peas and apricots, and we recently found out he has a level 3 allergy to eggs. It sucks, but if your DC is having a reaction to something stop the food immediately and contact the pedi. They will probably want to see what the rash looks like, but to me it sounds like a food allergy/reaction. They could very well grow out of it too. DS had the peas and apricots when he was 4m and now at 10m he can have them. (We had him allergy tested at 9m and there was no allergy to them, so idk what was up with those 2 things. But after eating them, he had a bumpy red splotchy rash all over his body). Good luck!
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