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Pregnancy Gripes

I wanted to start a new thread, because well...I feel like complaining :) I am only 16 weeks and the past two nights have been terrible for me! I can't get comfortable. I itch all over and sneeze (could be allergies, WV is one of the worst states for it) and feel so hot that I have only gotten a couple of hours of sleep the past two nights. I work full time and have a 6 year old, so I must have sleep! Do any of you ladies have any pointers for me? My husband just installed a new air purifier in our room, but it doesn't seem to help. I have heard a body pillow might be good but am afraid all that bulk would make me too hot. Any ideas would be appreciated! Or if you have pregnancy complaints feel free to post them here so we can console each other :)

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  • Make sure you use plenty of body lotion and drink plenty of water.  Put a fan blowing on you because even with the air conditioner, you will be hot.  You probably will not need the body pillow until your hips and belly start hurting but it will help then.  Think of it this way.  You will not be big pregnant until the weather starts to cool down so there are some blessings.
  • I can't sleep at all anymore!! No matter what I do I am either too hot/cold, something goes numb, or my back starts hurting! I tried a body pillow but it took up so much space it made me more uncomfortable. I guess I will have to tough it out for a few more months!
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  • Get used to it! I haven't slept since about 10 weeks. Now - it's nearly impossible. Makes for a long day when you have other kid(s) and/or a job, I know. Hang in there! :)
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  • Thanks for all of the support ladies! I did put a fan basically right next to my face at night and it seems to be helping, and my husband is giving me massages before I go to sleep (hey, I'm going to milk this for all I can :) ) I am still having a lot of acid reflux, but I am just trying to avoid fruit and any sugars a few hours before bed and that seems to be helping.
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