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I just had a veggie sub from Jimmy John's for lunch. My husband says you can still get listeria from the deli cheese, sprouts, etc. Anyone else here eat veggie subs during pregnancy, or should I avoid subs altogether (even the veggie kind)? I thought I was making a smart decision, but now I feel guilty :(


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  • I think sprouts are kind of iffy in general, but I would think the cheese and other veggies are OK...I haven't heard anything bad about that.

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  • ive been eating subs :( and i dont feel guilty..i dont do it often, but i do get meat on them more often than not.. i wouldnt worry about a veggie sub.. Mmm veggie sub sounds good right now actually.
  • I have never heard anything about the cheese but the sprouts are apparently a big no-no as well as fresh radishes and spinach!

    I love getting fresh spinach on my veggie sub from subay so I feel your pain!

     I would just talk to your doctor you know different people have different reasoning for everything.

  • I wouldn't worry..... I have never heard anything about sprouts, spinach, etc.  My widwife knows I'm a veggie and she only noted unpasturized cheese.  I think the sub cheese slices are fine.  I put sprouts on my sandwich all the time (but from the grocery store....).  Maybe it's because all those things have had food born breakouts in them in the last few years... but so has PB and if you went that route you'd barly be able to eat anything.

    I'll have to ask my midwife about that at my next visit.

  • Allie30Allie30 member

    Sprouts are a common source of bacteria and food poisoning (think of all the recalls of baged salads) and you certainly don't want that when you are pregnant, but in general, it's very rare.

    I've been GROWING spinach in my garden. i wash it. it's fine. 

  • I think the sprouts are the big one there.  I am in the everything in moderation camp.  I still have a subway turkey sub, I just don't have them everyday (I didn't have them everyday to begin with).

    Oh and I absolutely LOVE Jimmy Johns and am so going there once they open their new store here.  I've been without the Jimmy John goodness for almost two years now.  You have no idea how excited I am about this.

  • I eat veggie/cheese subs all the time! I do however avoid sprouts, my dr. told me not to eat sprouts either. I think even in general they are iffy and prone to bacteria.
  • Ditto on the sprouts being prone to bacteria, but everything else should be fine. 
  • Sprouts are iffy because of listeria, salmonella, e.coli, etc.  That being said, I've eaten sprouts my entire life and never encountered a recalled batch.  I still eat them.  I'm a vegetarian so I eat my fair share of veggie subs without regret.
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  • imagebabycoe11:

    I have never heard anything about the cheese but the sprouts are apparently a big no-no as well as fresh radishes and spinach!

    I was told the same thing.

    Sprouts are hard to get clean, so while you may not have to worry about lysteria, there are still risks of bacteria, pesticides, dirt and grime.

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