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How do you find a nanny?

Hi I am new to the bump and currently in pre-TTC planning. I plan to be a working mom which is close to the top of my list of concerns. If anyone could offer advice as to how they found a nanny either full or part time on long island  I would appreciate it!  Thank you!

Re: How do you find a nanny?

  • Hello! Congrats on the TTC plans! I have been a nanny for 10+ years. Let me tell you, agencies are not the way to go. They charge thousands of dollars for a placement and do not do anything for you that you couldn't do yourself. I was placed through an agency and all they did was setup my first interview with the family. They didn't even meet with me in person. So I would strongly suggest avoiding the agencies all together.

    I have found some wonderful families on and You can create a family profile including the type of person you are looking for, required experience, hours etc. You can also run background checks directly from the site. It is affordable and gives you access to many applicants.

    Finally, friends and family word of mouth is one of the best ways. See if any co-workers, neighbors, friends have someones name they can pass on. That way you know they are a quality person. Good luck and I hope you find your perfect match!

  • Hi - thank you so much for your advice!
  • Hi. I had my son in Jan and did the nanny search. I put an add on and was swmaped by applicants. I was very overwhelming but was able to narrow it down to a few.  I had some very qualified candidates. I then went on Cragislist just to check it out. There was a local woman who put an add up that she had to give up her nanny.  SO we took her and it is working great. GOod luck to you!
  • I am a professional nanny, TTC.  I was hired through and  The first will charge you, the second I believe is free or cheaper.  From the families that I work with, they like both sites.  I feel that on my end, I'm able to be thorough with my qualifications as well as get to know the family a bit before meeting them.  Good luck, feel free to contact me if you need anymore help...or a nanny!
  • Hi,

    I'm looking for a nanny! Do you know a reliable nanny looking for work?



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