DSNG - Feet getting crushed in the back

Just curious if anyone else is dealing with this. We are using the DSNG with Grac Snugride 32 car seat. When we put the rear seat in the stroller I have to push my sons legs out of the way. He is 25 inches long. Maybe he is to long for it?
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Re: DSNG - Feet getting crushed in the back

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    jbl126jbl126 member
    We started to run into that problem.  Whoever was in the back, started to run out of room.  It was then we switched to the bumbleride stroller.  They were 6-7 mths when we switched.  And yes, I also switched to the convertible car seats at the same time.
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    we did the same thing - when one's feet started to get smooshed, we went to rear facing convertible carseats and use a double umbrella that reclines.
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    We started using our City Mini stroller at 4m, and stopped using the DSNG altogether at 6m.
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    I kept the smaller of the two in the back.  At 8.5 months, her legs started to get squished so we switched to the Valco.
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    If their feet are hanging over the edge of the car seat it is probably time to switch anyway. That being said, I always put my smaller baby in the back too, just to allow for some extra space for the taller one.
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    Having the same issue.  DD likes to put her feet up on her sister's carseat in front of her when I use the DSNG but I really think it's time to stop.

    Maybe I should measure their length at home to make sure they haven't outgrown the carseat itself, ours are snugrides that only go to 22 lbs and 29 inches but their feet are dangling too... 

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    We switched to a converitble car seat because of that and he was getting uncomfortable in the other.  I hated to give up my DSNG but it wasn't work out anymore.
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