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Anyone TTC while BFing?

Well after a lot of going back and forth ( I had a rough pregnancy and scary emergency delivery but really want another baby), DH and I are going to start trying next cycle for #2, however I am still nursing. I have a normal period, but my OB said it may take a long time. I am curious of other peoples' experience with this.

Re: Anyone TTC while BFing?

  • I got pregnant in about 3 months without actively trying (no charting or anything).  All we did was stop using protection.  GL!

    ETA: DD still nurses every 1-3 hours all day and night.

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  • Did you notice any change in the nursing once you got BFP?
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  • Me!  I'm on cycle 4 of TTC while BFing.  I got AF back at 9.5 months and have had a roughly normal schedule ever since.  GL to you.  Hope we both get BFPs soon.
  • I got my period back when DD was 7 months old. It was regular since then. We tried for 6+ months when she was around 16-22 months old with no luck. I changed careers when she was 22 months so we put TTC on hold. I then got laid off right around the time I thought we could probably start TTC again, so no TTC when we had no money. Then I got a new job when she was 2y10m. I weaned her at 3y2m. We started TTC again when she was 3y3m. I got pg the 2nd cycle trying. So long story, but we weren't TTC for that whole 2 year period or anything. I don't know if the reason I didn't get pg when we first started trying was bfing or timing my cycle or what.
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  • We did the whole "don't prevent, but don't attempt" thing and got pregnant the 3rd cycle after AF returned. I noticed a ton of EWCM for the first time, and that was our lucky cycle. 

    J was barely 9 months old when we found out, and my milk died 1 week later (4.5 weeks pregnancy). I was pumping a lot, or I probably wouldn't have noticed because he was nursing the same, but my milk went from "whole" to a pathetic "skim". It was gray-tinged in color and just looked thin and watery. But my final decider in weaning was how little cream it had on top after being refrigerated. I didn't trust the nutrition anymore. It was pretty clear my body was telling me it couldn't support 3 people at once.

    It upset me to wean, but I had frozen so much milk that we're still able to give him 6-10 oz of BM a day. I just think that if you're going to attempt pregnancy while you're BFing, you have to be prepared to wean. It doesn't happen to everyone and some people will be able to BF throughout the pregnancy, but it really sucked for us. First tri hormones + weaning hormones + just in general feeling guilty for having to wean him before 1 year made for some tearful nights. 

  • imageBabyMama1979:
    Did you notice any change in the nursing once you got BFP?

    Well, my nipples are killing me which sucks, and I no longer feel my letdown so I'm not sure if I'm producing less.  Neriah has been nursing more too, but she has had a fever for a few days, so it could also be due to that.

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  • we did.  I got my period back at 10 months PP and we started TTC at 15 months.  By then af was coming regularly every 38 days.  we ttc for 4 cycles while I was still bfing and I was using the cbefm.  It showed that I was ovulating, but it was happening later in my cycle (days 25 or 25).  I wasn't getting pg so I decided to wean.  I got pg the cycle after I weaned. 
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  • I am EBF and have had a period 3 times, though they weren't totally regular (1st AF, 39 days, 2nd AF, 34 days, 3rd AF, BFP). We were using NFP and not TTC. I ovulated earlier than I though so we had unprotected sex once in my fertile period and here I am. It took 6 months TTC with DD.
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  • If you have a normal period, I can't imagine why it would take a long time.  Ovulation means there is an egg, which means there can be a baby.

    With child #1 it took about 6 months of TTC to get pregnant.  I was nursing her while TTC child #2, and that took about 5 months.  So honestly, I don't think nursing was a factor in how long TTC took.

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  • I got AF when DD was 6 months old and that's when we started TTC'ing for #2.  It's been 7 cycles now.  We don't expect to get a BFP on our own though since we had to do IUI the first time around.  I don't want to wean to do an IUI though so for now we will keep TTC'ing on our own.


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  • My PP AF is still MIA
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