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Kleenex hand towels

Does anyone find this odd? I mean, with how green everyone is getting...they introduce a box of disposable hand towels to use instead of an actual towel? They don't even mention anything about them being biodegradable in the who knows if they are.

Re: Kleenex hand towels

  • I've seen commercials for those and thought the EXACT same thing - how can you be trying to sell a product that makes more waste when there is such an emphasis on being green?
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  • Yes. I think its the strangest thing ever.. I am the least green person in the universe, but I still wouldn't use those.  I guess they are trying to target the "germaphobes"... but i do NOT think its going to be sucessful!
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  • Ask my DH how angry I get when I see that commercial.  First, you're right, it's so not environmentally friendly, but it also feeds in to this germaphobia that people have.  I wonder if they'll start selling plastic bubbles for people to walk around in.
  • Every time I see that commercial I wonder the same kinds of thoughts.  How could this be more environmentally friendly than just washing your hand towels more often?
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  • Oh I cringe whenever that commercial is on.

    What a dumb product.

    And really, couldn't you just use a roll of paper towels if it was that big of a deal for you??

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  • Ya, I would never buy them.  But sometimes if I am at someone else's house I wonder when the last time they washed their hand towel was.  Especially white hand towels when they don't look crispy white.
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