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XP: ovarian cysts

Hi Ladies:)

I usualy post on TTCAL, but I'm wondering if any of you could share your experiences with me.

I had a healthy pregnancy with my DS, and then a loss at 6 weeks this fall.  Since my loss I have been having a lot of weird cycles (which I guess, is better than the practically non-existent cycles I had for years before I miraculously conceived my DS) with weird bleeding and some odd lower back and pelvic pain.  That pain has started to get more frequent and intense, and now radiates to my thighs.  I finally am able to get into my OB this coming week, and she stringly suspects I have ovarian cysts.  Although I know the only way we'll really know is to have the exam, but I was wondering if anyone who has had cysts could tell me what symptoms they had/how they discovered them.

Thanks a lot, and I wish you all the best in TTC!

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Re: XP: ovarian cysts

  • I hope your exam includes more than just a pelvic (meaning you should have AT LEAST a transvaginal ultrasound).

    I'd be really surprised if bursting cysts were radiating pain into your thighs....I mean stranger things have happened but that sounds really strange to me and awefully intense and I've had HORRID ruptures before but A) they're very very rarely every month/cycle and B) they're often very concentrated to the lower abdomen.

  • So sorry that you are going through that!  I hope you get answers at your appointment.  I wish I had more advice for you.

    Best of luck :))

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  • I have PCOS and endometriosis.  My cysts I do not feel until they rupture which is extreme intense pelvic pain.  What you are describing sounds more like what I get with my endometriosis....I have really painful periods but along with that I have sciatic pain (which sounds like what you are describing.)  My OB/GYN stated it may be a result of the swelling that goes on with the shedding of extra tissue each month. Other people are right about the cysts too...they can only be observed with and ultrasound and I have actually rarely seen mine because I often went after the pain so they were not seen on the ultrasound because they had ruptured.
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