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He STTN... and I'm sad!

Last week, DS decided that he liked sleeping in his crib.   I was sad, but he really slept much more soundly - and so did I, because he's a NOISY sleeper (we call him our little Velociraptor).

So, he's been sleeping in his room from 9pm till his 1am feeding, I'd get some late-night snuggles and he'd go back in his crib till 5-6am.

For the last two nights, he ate a HUGE amount at bedtime (10oz!) and didn't wake up till 5am, and then was wide awake from 5am on.  Luckily, Daddy's an early riser!  I did take a nap with him this afternoon.

I know I should be thrilled that he STTN....but it totally freaked me out!  I woke up every hour on the hour and had to go to his room to check on him (even though we have monitors and I could hear him) and I kept expecting him to start screaming, but he never did....I'm not in a hurry for my little boy to grow up; he's only 8 weeks old.  But, I believe in baby-led sleeping, so waking him up for cuddles isn't an option.  :(

Stay little for a while longer, baby boy!


Re: He STTN... and I'm sad!

  • Don't worry, he'll probably regress in no time Stick out tongue Get the rest while you can!


  • I agree w/ EcoBaby. :) Ari started sleeping 5-6 hour stretches around your LOs age & it was over pretty quickly. But! Maybe you'll be lucky & have a good sleeper.

    Hope we didn't scare you. :)

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  • Ditto pp.  My DD STTN from 9 weeks to 4 months.  She didn't do it reliably (aka more than 2 nights in a row) again until 13 1/2 months.

    I hope yours isn't like mine...but just enjoy the sleep while it lasts in case it doesn't!

    Heather Margaret --- Feb '07 and Todd Eldon --- April '09
  • Bring it on, lol.


    I'll look back on this post someday and smack myself in the head.  =D

  • I think that if Henry actually STTN I'd throw a party.
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  • imagetak2002:
    I think that if Henry actually STTN I'd throw a party.

    Ditto this!  I haven't gotten more than a 4 hour stretch of sleep (and even those are rare these days) for almost seven months.

    ENJOY IT!!!  :)

  • Like others said... enjoy it now!I remember going to my 6 week check-up and saying how I just knew I was going to get my period back any day because he slept from 9p-12a, nursed, slept till 6a, nursed, then woke at 9a. By 8 weeks, he had dropped the 12a nursing, and a couple weeks later the 6a nursing was dropped too.By 3.5/4 months sleep became inconsistent. Today, I'm doing my NCSS logs and officially starting tomorrow :) 
  • I hope you have one of those magical babies that starts STTN by themselves from the very beginning. In case that doesn't happen, get some rest now.
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