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How did your follice check go today?  Did they give you a tentative ER date?

I had my follice check today as well- after 4 nights of stims.  Doctor said I have about 6 or 7 follices in the 10-12 range and then a bunch of others that are smaller.  She said everything looked good.  Is this what you looked like after 4 days?

Hope all went well today!

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  • I think you are responding really well. Mine were about 8-10 after 4 days of stims. Today (7 days of stims), there were some that were 17 and a few smaller ones 13 or so. so they grew a lot in 3 days.

    I have quite a few follices growing so i might have to change my trigger to lupron. I go back again tomorrow for us/bw. The nurse however thought that i still needed a few more days of stims. They will let me know after my E2 results are out later today.

    I hope i get to trigger by sunday.

    ETA: How are the headaches? I hope its getting better for you.


  • My headaches have gotten a lot better.  I guess it was the gonal-f.  I just wish my retrieval was here!  I hate the waiting!!!

    Your follicles sound good!  17 is a good size. 

     Good luck with your appt tomorrow!  Hopefully you will trigger on sunday :)

    Keep me updated!

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  • Glad that the headaches are better. The waiting is the worst i think because the physical discomfort have been very minimal for me.

    I will update after my appointment tomorrow. 

  • Hey Girls!  I hope you don't mind me hijaking your post but i wanted to wish you gals lots of luck!  It seems like just yesterday i was going through this madness:(

    Best of luck and i hope this cycle does the trick for both of you!  Hang in there!!!!  I think the mental stress and anxiety is the worst part!!! 

  • I agree the mental stress is the worst. Thanks for the good wishes.

  • Thanks eyenerd!!!  And best of luck to you!!
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