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Breast Feeding Class? Recommend or not

I definitely want to breast feed. I'm trying to figure out if I should bother taking a BF class prior to giving birth. Anyone have any comments on if it was worthwhile for them if they took a BF class prior to?

Re: Breast Feeding Class? Recommend or not

  • I took one at Isis Maternity and am very glad I did!
  • I was very glad I took it. Although, the reading material they gave out was more helpful than the class itself -- I had major "mommy brain" and couldn't remember anything unless I looked back through the reading. Look into reimbursement from your health insurance - most classes are covered.
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  • I took one at Isis Maternity. I was disappointed. I felt that I learned more from the lactation nurses at the hospital after delivery and the postpartum nurses. I don't feel like the class gave us an overwhelming amount of information that was beneficial. I would not recommend it however everyones comfort level and anticipation level is different. I feel that if you didn't take it you would be just fine and feel a great deal of comfort from the PP nurses and lactation nurses at the hospital. Hope this helps!

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  • I definitely suggest taking it.  I took the one at Caritas Norwood and it was extremely helpful.  One of the things I found the most helpful was the videos they showed of how to get the baby to properly latch.  The nurses and lactation consultants were very helpful after delivery as well, but having taken the class I at least had a base of knowledge to work with.  With the class and help, breastfeeding has been a major success for me and my son is still nursing very well at 8 1/2 months : )  Good luck!!
  • I took two classes when I was pregnant with DS#1 - breastfeeding and labor/delivery.  The BFing class was SO much more worth the time and money! It was a great class and I felt more prepared.  When DS#1 arrived, I knew if the latch wasn't good (i.e. it hurt to feed him); I just needed to de-latch him and try again.  I highly recommend taking a BFing class!
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  • I just took a class at Beverly Hospital, and am very glad that I did. 

    I've been reading a lot on the subject, and it was refreshing to hear someone say that sometimes a baby comes out like they've read the manual on breastfeeding, and latch on like champs and other babies have challenges or just aren't very interested.  I felt no pressure to breastfeed after attending the class, even though it is what I want to do.  I guess I felt relieved that as long as your baby is being fed, you are doing your job as a great mom.  

    My midwife practice, while I love the all the gals, I have felt some pressure at times that the 'breast is the best" and I guess I still suffer from mild performance pressure - just like in high school and college before a big field hockey game - hehehe.   I don't want to be anxious while trying to master the art of breastfeeding, as I think it is an art that involves both you and your baby's participation.

    So, in a long winded nutshell, I would highly recommend a class - especially if you have any concerns/anxiety about breastfeeding.



  • I never took one and am still breastfeeding.  The nurses help out a lot at the hospital.  At least they did where I delivered.
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  • I wish I'd done it...I was so sure I didn't need it...well I pumped for 9 months exclusively....need  I say more?
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  • I would definitely recommend taking the class. Breastfeeding is harder than it looks. I am a registered nurse, so I assumed I knew all there was to know about breastfeeding that I had learned in school. Boy, was I wrong! The breastfeeding classes are sooo helpful, and the instructors give you all kinds of helpful hints! :)
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