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(another) BFing question

Does one really know how long it takes to get to the hind milk? The other day, Leah was just snacking all day. She just wanted to smile at me and give my boobs raspberries : ) Her poop at night was green so I'm thinking it's b/c her sessions were too short. It's kinda looking like she is doing that today too. So I dont know if I should try to "encourage" her to go longer.

Re: (another) BFing question

  • You could try doing block feeding.  So instead of giving her both sides, if she's snacking all day, try having her feed on one side only for 2-3 hours, then switch to the other side.  She'll be more likely to get more hindmilk that way.
  • The books say that the first 10 mins of nursing is to quench thirst and that after that they should start getting hind milk. I would suggest offering the same breast the next time she returns.
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