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Introducing a Bottle for LO who struggled with BFing

I know there is another "introducing the bottle" post below, but I promise this one is asking some slightly different questions. 

I want to introduce a bottle for LO in case we are ever out or I am sick or DH wants to feed her.  I understand that I will need to pump for every bottle feeding to keep my supply consistent, and we did not want to make this a daily thing.  My issue is that my DD had latch issues for weeks and at about six weeks old just because more efficient with BFing.  We still struggle sometimes.  I was terrified (and discouraged by my LC) to give her a bottle to supplement her when she was having weight gain issues, but now that she is almost two months old, I wonder if she is ready.  Or did I wait too long?  The last thing I want is for me to offer her the bottle and she prefers it to the breast and never goes back, so if that is a real risk, I would rather just breastfeed.  But if it is possible to get her to take a bottle every once in a while, what would you suggest?  Are there any bottles that really mimic the breast well so she will not notice that the bottle is so much easier?

Re: Introducing a Bottle for LO who struggled with BFing

  • I honestly think you are fine to try a bottle at this point. Just don't get a super fast flow nipple for the bottle and you should be fine.


  • YOu should be ok to intro a bottle.  There are some new ones out (or maybe I just didn't know about them when registering) by The First Years called Breast Flow that are supposed to be good for BF babies because them mimic the sucking of BFing.  I've seen them at Target.  I've also heard good things about the Tommee Tippee ones they are carrying at BRU now.  Supposedly, they are good for BF babies for the same reason. 

    My DD got one bottle a day (usually) from DH from about 5 weeks until I went back to work. She now gets several bottles/day while I am at work and she has no problem nursing.  Good luck!!

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