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What are you doing this lovely Friday?

I took the day off! WOOT! 

So D is still sleeping. We didn't get home from a birthday party until 9:30 last night. Wonder how late she'll sleep?

We are going to go get some flowers and plant them today.

AND I'm going to talk my dad into coming over here to watch her so I can go get a mani / pedi.....I NEED THEM SO BAD. 

Re: What are you doing this lovely Friday?

  • Sounds like a fun Friday you have planned! I hear you on needing a mani/pedi!

    I'm at work...boo, but then I'm taking a lunch with a friend. Yahoo! Not sure what is up for tonight b/c Noah has a runny nose/fever.

    Ps. Is that Mardi Gras beads your pooch is wearing?



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  • Poor sick Noah :( that's no good!

    um, yes. A friend brought them back. D loves them. ha 

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  • I am about to go to my last class of the semester!  American Literature.  We're reviewing for the final today.  Finals are next week.  Yikes!

    I have a terrible headache today.  Sad

    After lunch, I want to go to Old Navy.  Starting today, they're having 30% off a lot of stuff.

  • We are going to get K's 6 week pictures taken. Hopefully P can behave since he will only be in a few. Then if it isn't still raining we might go to old navy.
  • Working until 4:30 and then picking DD up from school and going over to my friend's house for a barbecue, lots of drinking and letting the girls play.
  • We were at a friend's house all day until 9:30 last night, but Dana still was up at 5:15 (I made her hit the snooze).

    I think today we're going to just hang out and play. Hopefully DD is in the mood for some independent play because I need to clean.

    It's another bachelorette weekend for us (but not many more!) but we don't have any plans. There's a new Asian supermarket in town and I'm thinking of checking it out to see if they have any Bento supplies.

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  • It's a pro-D day at DD's school, so she's off.  I usually try to take Fridays off, so we have a whole day off TOGETHER!  :)

    So after a leisurely breakfast and bath, we're heading to the aquarium to meet friends.  We'll probably have lunch while watching the belugas.  This afternoon we'll do a bit of shopping - we have to pick up a wedding gift and a few things for dinner.  

    DD goes to bed early, so I hope DH will be up to watching a movie tonight.  I borrowed _Great Expectations_ from the public library.  (Ethan Hawke/Gwyneth Paltrow version.)   Now that I think about it, I'll probably be watching that particular movie alone.  lol!


    Then.  I work. All.weekend.long.

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  • Logan and I are staying home today because I don't feel like picking DH up from work at midnight. So we will probably play outside.
  • It is absolutely beautiful here, unseasonably warm and sunny and flowers are blooming birds are singing. It is a glorious day. We went to the botanic gardens this morning, then had a play/lunch date with some friends and now we are attempting tandem napping so mommy can catch a break before we go outside and play some more
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