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Could I borrow some good vibes?

I just turned in 3 different grants to save 5 jobs.  It has been a grueling week here at work with the state going into serious budget crisis mode and I was asked to write 3 different federal grant segments that would save 5 different jobs, including my own.  I just turned them into HR and the grants office and now, I'll just wait and pray.  We'd be fine if I were to loose my job, but having to work to save other jobs worries me, I've been a total basket case all week long.  So any spare good vibes would be greatly appreciated!   

Re: Could I borrow some good vibes?

  • Good vibes sent your way!!
  • That sounds extremely stressful. Sending good vibes to you!
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  • wow- talk about stressful! I am sure the other people are glad to have you on their side. Good luck to you all!
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  • oh goodness. Sent your way...
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  • Good luck, I hope it works out. 
    My sweet boy :)
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  • GL!
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