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So I have been growing my hair out for a friend's wedding and its a bit past shoulder length now. I'm used to keeping it really short and had every intention of cutting it after the wedding however I am now wondering if maybe it would be better to just be able to throw your hair in a ponytail once the baby comes? Also, the hormones and things have suddenly made it frizz and curl like never in my life....


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Re: Hair poll

  • I wore my hair up for the first 5 mos for many was long and falling out EVERYWHERE, I had no time to make it nice and a ponytail was easy, and it was always in his face.

    I started wearing it down when it stopped falling out, and that was good for a few months until he started pulling it. Now I wear it down a lot, but put it up in a ponytail or a knot on my head for feedings and bath....because he pulls it pretty hard! He also likes to run his hands through it when I nurse, but ends up pulling too.

    I am not a short hair girl, won't go shorter than shoulders....and always make sure I have enough to pull it back. 

  • Not that I have experience, but I think you should wear your hair in such a way that it makes you feel beautiful.
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  • I've had short hair off and on through my 20's.  First off, short hair (IMO) doesn't = easier.  With long hair I could always throw it up.  Short hair I HAVE to do it or I look like a rooster.  (it's true)


    That being said, it's all about how YOU feel you look better.  I look better with short hair, so it's short.  My decision wasn't based on the baby.  He still pulls on my short hair (and I think it probably hurts more b/c it's closer to the scalp!!).


    How short were you thinking?

  • I hate having my hair down with a gets all over the place. And when you bring a baby up to burp them and there is hair all over the's pretty gross. And like a pp have to "do" short hair.

    So ponytail for me! At least in the first few months. Although mine has been pulled back for quite a long time now.

  • I've always been a pony tail girl for work/house stuff and when I'm short on time.  I must be busy alot because when G see's a lady on TV or in a magazine with a pony tail she shouts Mama!
  • I picked short hair, because that's what I eventually ended up with, but also agree with the ponytail option. The main reason I cut my hair is that for some reason, my hair got thicker after I had ds, so that coupled with postpartum hot flashes and summer heat made my head an oven. I couldn't stand sleeping at night because my hair made the night sweats that much more unbearable. I lived in ponytails everyday for some relief.

    So, I guess if there was an "other" I'd say stay long if you like it, if not, you can always cut it.

  • Thanks ladies - esp for the rooster comment. It is so true and I think I've forgotten about that part haha. I usually have kept it chin length or shorter, so I guess we'll see how I do over the summer and what actually happens, but it helps to hear the opinions
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