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***2IF weekly check-in***

Hello Ladies,

Hope to see more good luck headed our way in the coming week.  AmandaMacD we all have our fingers crossed for you! 



jerseymomma ? Start stims 4/25

Houston 2010 ? Start stims 4/23




MrsTeejer EDD 4/26/10 Team GREEN

SweetieP EDD 05/01 /10 ? It?s a GIRL!

Sunshine173 EDD 05/19/10 ? It?s a GIRL!

Onemorelittleone EDD 05/22/10



To our pg SIFers - please let me know your EDD so I can add it to the list!!!!

 To all the Ladies cycling or in the 2ww - Keep strong!  We are all rooting for your BFPs!

Welcome to the new faces!  It's great to have you here even if it has to be because of IF.  Ours is a special kind of journey that we share on this board.  Newcomers are always welcome! 

As always, everyone is welcome to post your updates here.  If you want to be added or removed please let me know.











































Houston 2010



Congratulations to our recent BFP's!!




alchris EDD 12/25/10

queenbone EDD 12/18/10



Smbd EDD 11/28/10


Irishdo EDD 10/28/10 ? It?s twins!

Frankie EDD 10/31/10

Triple7s EDD 11/2/10

Iluvadam ? It?s twins!

Eyenerd EDD 10/21/10

Firsttogo  EDD 10/15/10

bride526 EDD 10/5/10

MrsGabbs4Ed EDD 10/15/10

 SarahMN EDD 10/2/10

angw79 EDD9/29/10

ougrad1 ? It?s Twins! (BOY + GIRL!)

Luckiest03 EDD 9/4/10


JosiPeaches EDD 8/23/10 -It?s a GIRL!

VandRicky  -It?s a BOY!

Butterbean52 EDD 7/26/10 ?It?s a BOY!


kristyn&ken ? It?s TWINS! (BOY + GIRL!)

KellyOsu23 ? It?s a BOY!

mrs.a.butler EDD8/19/10

disney04 EDD 6/23/10 ?It?s a GIRL!

Brougham7-15-06 ?EDD 7/21/10

Jenbrian EDD6/27/10

Meringue57 EDD 6/21/10 ?It?s a BOY!

hibiscus2007  EDD6/6/10 - It's Triplets! (2 BOYS + 1 GIRL!)

Mhop EDD 6/1/10 ? It?s a GIRL!


Jillrock96    EDD 5/30/10 _It's Twins! 



SIF Nursery - Welcome to the world little Miracles!!

RRHsMom ? Baby girl

DSU98 - Baby Girl, Ashley!

SLM05 -  Baby boys, Jonathan, Brandon, Christopher


isabella22 ? Baby boy

CHI-06 - Baby girl


Doozieanne Baby boy, Ethan

hopeful9 ? Baby girl, Lila

Hawaiibridegrm ? Baby boy, Jenson

slsbride ? Baby boy, James

Mrs.LisaP - baby Girl

mrsmiller06 ? Baby Girl, Alyssa

Ladavis ? baby Girl

mrs.viv07 ? Baby boy, Gabriel

LisaK2B ? Baby Girl, Ally

Calips ? baby boy 

Home_slice - Baby Girl, Emma

Craziheazo ? Baby Girl, Bella

Bestthingscome - baby Girl 

Tonya_G - baby Girl, Lily 

Firsttogo - Baby Boy, Lincoln 

Jacksonville - Baby Boy

Adelepenguin - Baby Girl, Kathryn

Shawmich - Baby Boy, Grant

Mr&MrsS - Baby Boy,  Nolan

Francisca - Baby Boy, Callum and Baby Girl Rachel


QOTW: Do you have any ground rules in your marriage to keep the peace?

Married 9-4-04

***PM me for my IF history***

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Re: ***2IF weekly check-in***

  • Update: Had our 1st u/s this week and saw the heart beat and only one sac so we are very, very happy.

    QOTW:  Whoever is not driving cannot, under any circumstances give any directions.  Whoever is driving gets to decide how we are getting to our destination. We are pretty good about this and we think it cuts down on a lot of unnecessary fights.  You can give directions only if you are asked specifically.  With out of town driving we will discuss in advance that the passenger is now playing the role of navigator so is allowed to give directions.


    Married 9-4-04

    ***PM me for my IF history***

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  • Update:  Starting a new month.  I have an appt with an RE on May 26th that I am super excited about.  

    QOTW:  If either of us want to spend over $100 on a purchase we check with the other one (you know besides groceries).  I hate surprises when I do the bills. 

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  • update: had an u/s to check on Bug's hb. it was lagging a bit in the first 2 u/s (112 & 110) so they wanted to make sure it picked up. it did -178 bpm as of Tuesday.

    QOTW: as silly as it is, don't finish milk if I haven't had my tea. I only use a splash of milk in my tea so when there's that little-itty-bit in the bottom of the jug it goes back into the fridge for my tea and not down the drain.  It's been far less of a problem since having a baby on milk though.

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  • JMayJMay member

    Just finished a totally ineffective round of Provera - waiting for doc to call back...

    QOTD: Wow - I don't think there is enough space on all the Bump to list our rules.  I joke with DH that we should put together a book of our rules, as there are so many.  LOL!

    Dori image
    "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

    Miracle DD born 12.2005
    TTC #2 since Dec 2008 w/ PCOS
    ***P/SAIF Always Welcome***

    Keep it Natural, Baby!
  • Update:  Tonight is my 5th night on stims for IVF.  Going in this morning for a follice check.  Very excited to see how everything is going :)

    QOTD:  Not really too many rules but the one thing that really bothers me is when he throws wet towels on the bed!!!!  He hasn't done it in awhile but early in the marriage he would :(


  • Update: Nothing. Our only option is IVF and I have NO idea where to even begin trying to afford it.

    QOTD:  Just leave me alone for a good 2 hours after an argument to let me cool down and take a nap.  Otherwise, it will be WW3.

  • I'm excited to say that received my long awaited BFP last week!  My EDD is 1/1/11.  I have my first US scheduled for 5/13 and I think I will breathe a little easier at that point.


  • Hi Ladies checking in..2nd Beta tomorrow morning to make sure my numbers doubled and then we go from there...I think our EDD would be 1/7/11.

     QOTW: We never talk politics...ever!! 

  • Update: On CD21 and have had a lot of cramping for what seems like forever now. Also have tenderness going on and all area signs I had around this same time with preg#3 so....I'm trying not to get my hopes up to high though, especially since this would mean a normal O time frame and I am usually a CD20er.

    QOTW: We do not fight/bicker in public. I hate it and think it makes people look stupid. Also, if we are having a major issue we walk away and come back a few hours later when we have both cooled down and can discuss.

  • Waiting to finish prometrium to start AF.  Will start Lupron at the end of next cycle and FET the month after that.  June cannot come fast enough.  These hormones are making me depressed and EXHAUSTED.  Counting the days to either be PG OR DONE!

    Can't think of any ground rules, though I don't generally offer driving advice to DH b/c it doesn't go over well!

  • Update: Tonight will be day 8 of stims. I go for a follie check today to measure progress. Praying that ER is soon.

    QOTW: We don't really have any ground rules.

  • Last week i went in for a check up on the brown gunk.  All was well, and they could even tell the gender of the little peanut---but i held out:)

    I now have a stomach virus--yipeee!!!!  I hope this weekend gets better as we are taking a mini-cation to florida.  It will be DDs first time to the beach.  We went in Denmark but it was too cold to really count!

    DH and i each have special saving account stashes to use for purchases that the other may not agree with.  It is kind of like our mad money!!!  However, i don't really have any mad money left since i promised it all away to this last IVF!!!  But so far it has been totally worth it:) 

  • Update: I went in for b/w this morning to check my beta, which was 8.8 on Wednesday.  I've been bleeding heavily since Tuesday, so I know the news isn't good.  On the bright side, maybe we will be able to determine why its been so hard for us to conceive.  Hopefully we can try IUI in June.


    QOTW: Have date night, at least twice a month.  

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    "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."
  • Thank you!

    I had a 5w2d u/s on Monday and all looked good, but I'll be holding my breath next week waiting for my 7w2d u/s the following Monday.  I was guessing I'd be going in around today for the first one, keeping the spacing shorter, but when they offered Monday I took it. :)

    QOTW:  Interesting question.  No ground rules, but I think we're really good at letting even heated arguments slide and moving on.  We had a nasty one last Saturday, and an hour later we had both forgotten about it.

    Pregnant with #1 with PCOS and LPD, success with mostly naturopathic treatments
    Our Thanksgiving Day baby 11/22/07

    imageimage image

    Pregnant with #2 with LPD, uterine polyp/hysteroscopy, DOR (AMH = 0.17), 2 c/ps
    Our early Christmas present 12/9/10
  • Thank you!

    Update: I'm 8 weeks now and so far so good as far as I know. I go back in Monday for my next ultrasound. My pg symptoms have almost entirely gone away (the very few that I had anyway!) so I'm freaked. That happened with my last miscarriage. Trying to stay busy til Monday.... 

    QOTD: Hmmmmmm..... I'm not really sure how to answer this. I think we have many "unspoken" rules but none that I can think of that we've put out there haha. 

  • Thanks for adding me to the check in.
  • Update:  Had an U/S on Tues, which showed one of my cysts had shrunk.  Also had a p4 and it was really low, so I didn't O.  Then yesterday morning I had really sharp pain on my right side, so I called the RE and told him I think I finally O'd.  He wants to see me on Mon for an U/S and another p4.  I talked to my OB yesterday too and asked her if she removed all or part of my tubes.  She said all, but sometimes a little stub is still attached to the uterus.  She said that is probably what my RE sees in the U/S, that looks like it would be a follicle.  She said she would call him.  So glad I don't have to wait for that to shrink.  Hopefully no more break cycles for me.

    QOTD:  No major ground rules, but things that piss us off.  My DH hates it when I tell him to slow down and stop changing lanes when driving.  He says if I don't like it, I should drive.  I hate it when he throws his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor infront of the hamper.  How hard is it to lift the lid and put them in.

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    TTC #2 since Nov '07
    Tried 4 cycles of Clomid, TI, Gonal-f, and IUI's - all BFFN's
    Both tubes removed Nov '09
    Low AMH = 0.3
    IVF #1 for Feb '10 - cancelled due to poor response - Gonal-f and Repronex
    IVF #1.2 for June '10 - Gonal-f, Menopur, and micro Lupron
    ER - 6/19 (2 retrieved), ET - 6/22 (1 transferred with ICSI), Beta 7/5 = BFFN
    IVF #2 for Nov '10 was cancelled due to poor response - Follistim, Repronex, and micro Lupron
    IVF #2.2 for Feb '11 - Gonal-f, Repronex, and Ganirelix
    ER - 2/24 (8 retrieved), ET - 3/1 (2 transferred with ICSI), froze 3, Beta 3/11 = BFFN
    FET - 4/19 (3 transferred), Beta 4/28 = BFP, EDD 1/4/12
  • Update: CD29, took hpt and it was negative. Doing daily suppressant shots and waiting for AF so I can start Femara. 

    QOTW- We  try very hard not to go to bed angry with each other. We also tell each other about almost every purchase we make so there are no surprises. (except bdays and Christmas)

    Our Girls
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    Aquinnah Dori
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  • Congrats Bone on the great u/s!

    Update:  We are doing something special with our company this week (and last week) and so I've been really busy.  I finished up late last night though and celebrated by taking half day today.  I shouldn't be so MIA starting this week!  The kids are doing well and we are making some good progress w/both boys EI. I need to lose some weight... I keep creeping up Sad

    QOTW:  We did 6 mos of counseling after the whole NICU thing and it was great.  We really learned so much as a couple and how NOT to push each other's buttons.  It has been a GREAT experience and I highly recomend it for everyone.


    Mom to Harmon 1/17/08 and twins Rachel & Callum 8/28/09 Photobucket 29o0v13.jpg
  • Update: looks like AF will show tomorrow or the next day. With my temps, it's pretty much impossible that she won't :(

    QOTW: It's not an expressed rule, but we have always been careful to avoid revealing too much information about past relationships. There are some things that are just not necessary to know.

  • Almost 16 weeks!!! Nothing to report really except the back pain has paid me a visit....it decided to come earlier this time!!!!

    QOTW: Nope, not really!

    Gabrielle & Ed - Married 10.22.05
    Mommy to Stephanie Lena - 2.13.07 and Evan Ralph - 9.23.10
    Angel Baby (m/c at 9 weeks) - 1.2.09

    Christmas Card Picture - 2011
    (aka: the only picture I could get of them together that was not blurry and had them both sitting still!)

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  • Update: No baby yet!! Everyone says she is coming early, but who knows!! LOL


    QOTD:  We always make sure to calm down a bit if we get into a fight before discussing what is going on. That way neither one of us says anything we regret.

  • No update here, other than still hoping that by some miracle, DH will change his mind about TTC.  Snowball's chance in Hell though.  Someday I may accept this emptiness I feel, but I doubt it. 

    Congrats on all the success stories.  I still lurk, and long to be one of you again. 

     Good luck, everyone!!!!

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