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Dollar Store OPK?

What are people's opinions on the OPK from Dollar Tree?  My hairdresser told me her doctor suggested the dollar store pregnancy tests because they're no different than the name brand ones that cost $15 or so.  I've used those but I guess I'm not sure about the OPK.  I have a longer cycle so I'm gonna need like 10 per month so I'm really not thrilled at spending over $40 a month.  Does anyone have experience using them?



Re: Dollar Store OPK?

  • I use the OPKs from The Dollar Tree.  They are great!  I test a few times a day, and they make that affordable. 

    I get the digital (smiley face ones) from e-bay as back up.  When I think I have a positive on the Dollar Tree, I test with the digital as well to confirm  (you have to pee in a cup with the $ tree ones, and that works out because I can dip a digital to confirm). 

    The Dollar Trees and the digitals always line up, so as far as I can tell they are accurate.

    Good luck! 

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  • I get a pack of 20 from CVS for $20. So you don't have to go to the dollar tree with 20 boxes! lol

     Also, I don't know if you happen to have a healthy flex spending account, but OPK's are covered. Luckily my DH's company gives a credit card for flex spending account.

     Good luck!

  • Thanks for the info.  We don't have CVS here so I think that is out.  And I've already passed the time for me to start contributing to the Flex Account.  I don't mind stocking up at Dollar Tree.  :)  I picked up 9 kits on Saturday and I may go back and pick up another few. 


    Thanks again for the response!

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