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Does your Trader Joe's still have balloons?

I went today and I just realized I haven't seen the balloons for kids the last couple of times I've gone to ours.  I took Sara with me today and we went to the dollar store next door to get her one since I told her I'd get her a balloon.  I don't know why I didn't ask the checker while I was there.  
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Re: Does your Trader Joe's still have balloons?

  • I noticed that last week and like you I didn't ask.  I just assumed that they were out or something!
  • Ours has stickers now (which I prefer).
  • TJ's has removed the balloons from all their stores. I forget what blog I read it on.
  • SOme of our's do and some don't.  It's a total crapshoot.

    I like the stickers better anyway, but C really looks for the balloon on enterance. :(

  • I saw a notice last week at ours stating:

    "Due to health regulations, we are unable to provide balloons at this time."


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  • Ours does (Brannon St. in SF)

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  • Ours did the last time I was there (last week), but I also read somewhere (cant remember where) that all TJ's would be discontinuing those balloons due to budget reasons or something like that

    J loves the TJ balloons so I am bummed about that!

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  • I noticed that and asked the checker and they said it may be due to budget, but mainly that environmentalists have been on TJ's back that kids have been purposely releasing the balloons in the air when they leave the store...if a lot of kids did this nationwide, then it could become an environmental problem. ?It's really a shame.
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