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Breast Feeding and Spit Up

My LO is almost 4 weeks. He started spitting up just the other day. Yesterday it was several times. Today it has only happened twice. It is a bit chunky with liquid.


In the middle of the night last night, it seemed like he puked up everything he had eaten.


He is not fussy at all.

For those mamas out there that have been bf longer than me, talk to me about spit up.



Re: Breast Feeding and Spit Up

  • some spit up is normal.

    Do you have a fast let down, when i was having some oversupply issues she would spit up a whole lot more.

    She also has some reflux, but we don't do meds, we do baby probiotics and she rarely spits up (and if she does it is only a little)!

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  • My son (now 13 months) spit up like CRAZY for the first 5 or 6 months. Every feeding I felt like he threw up aaaaaaall his milk. My LC assured me many many times it was just something some babies did and not to worry. Of course, I did, and we saw the pediatrician several times. He always said it was nothing too.

    Some babies just have a weak muscle at the top of their stomach that keeps the food in and eventually they will outgrow it. As long as he keeps gaining weight and is generally happy don't worry. And don't let the doc talk you into reflux meds for a happy baby.

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  • Dd also spat up after almost every feeding.  Not enough to be reflux, but I always had to have a burp cloth nearby.  It got better after 5-6 months, but she still rarely will spontaneously spit up a bit.
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