sleep positioners and sleep sacks - ? for those who are using them

When are you stopping using the positioners?  both are starting to wiggle out of them and I think its time to stop using them, I am just worried though.  I am not sure why, hell they are two little foam pieces holding them in. 

 My other dumb worry is about the sleep sacks - I love them and I know they are recommended instead of blankets, but I am worried about them turning over in them.  The bottoms are lose, so I don't see why they wouldn't be able to turn over in them and turn back - it just freaks me out that they would get stuck.  I am sure it was a fluke, but DD turned from stomach to back just once - I think it was a fluke and her arm was in the perfect place to do it.  Since then she has gotten her legs over, but never her arm again. 

Re: sleep positioners and sleep sacks - ? for those who are using them

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    We stopped using sleep positioners around the age your babies are now.  They were scooting themselves upward and at that point we decided it just wasn't safe anymore.

    We've used sleep sacks with all our kids.  I worry about them being cold, but I worry about them using blankets, so to me sleep sacks are wonderful : )

    ~Crystal~ SAHM to Sam (5), Hugh (3), Mary & Grace (22 months) : )
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    My twins are older now but we stopped using  the sleep positioners when they could scoot out of them. They were getting "flat head" and that's why we had to use them to begin with.

    The sleep sacks I will tell you that I used until the twins were 17 months old and moved into toddler beds. They could WALK in them! As soon as I took them out of the sleep sacks they could climb out of the crib so we just moved them into toddler beds. With Logan I moved him out of the sleep sack in December/January when he slept over my Aunts house and I forgot to pack it. She just put an afghan (a knit blanket with holes) on him and he was fine so I've just been doing that at home ever since.

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    i think of sacks as being the safer of the two.  we went from swaddling to sacks at about 6mos when they started rolling.  holy cow your DD is advanced. 
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    ds is 20 months and he just started saying 'no' to his sleep sac LOL

    he had no problem getting around in it from when he started rolling, pulling up, standing and he could even walk in it :-P

    we never used the sleep positioners so I can't help with that one...

    I love the sleep makes me feel better knowing he has some sort of coverage.

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    my babies are not home yet but the docs in the NICU have told me NOT to use a sleep I would say not to use it if they are moving out.  Agiain, my babies are not home so this is just my opinion...not based on my children.
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    I never used a sleep positioner.  But I love sleepsacks, particularly the Halo ones.  My first son slept in Halo sleepsacks for a long time, and my second currently sleeps in the swaddle version.  I never had a problem with his turning over or anything.  Way way way safer then loose blankets.  I'd rather my LO try to turn over in a sleepsack that can't end up over his face then a loose blanket that can.   
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