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Yeah. I'm a dork. 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I'm already researching strollers. Call me crazy :D

Any particular brand that you ladies LOVE? I've been reading about Chiccos and Peg Peregos (big price different and not sure if more expensive is always the way to go?). I've also heard that a lot of Mom's wish they had gone with a Snap and Go vs a travel system... since travel systems tend to be bulky.

 What are your personal opinions!?!?

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Re: Strollers

  • I've been looking at strollers since I found out we were having twins, at 6 wks!  You are not nuts.  : )  No exprience personally.  SIL has a Peg and she loves it!  It has lasted through both her children.  Just some insight.

    Personally, looks like we are going w/ a double snap and go, and a city mini double.

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  • I <3 Pegs. We 'test drove' one and I feel in love. But it is bulky.

    SIL had the Snap and Go and swears by it. Ahh. So much to choose from!

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  • You're not crazy! We've already picked up a snap n' go (from Craigslist). I think that's what we're going to stick with in the beginning, and then figure out a stroller once the baby is born. Or, I don't know, I might change my mind. I'm definitely set on not getting a travel system, though, because I don't want to deal with the bulk.
  • My best advice is to keep test driving and think about what kind of features you want in a stroller.  It's so easy to focus on what looks nice, but really focus on the purpose. 

    I have the Peg Perego Uno - not a popular Peg model.  It's pricey - but not nearly as pricey as a bugaboo.  To me I really wanted to be able to have a stroller to go for walks and not have to have the baby in a infant seat.  This stroller has a reversible handle and lays completely flat so I was in love.  It's about 25 lbs but I just consider it part of my workout when I lift it in and out of the car.  

    I went with the Peg infant carrier since it fit into the stroller and honestly I didn't use them together all that much since I would just lay it flat.  

     Also, just realize you will probably get more than one stroller for different purposes.  We are one of many three stroller families - an umbrella/lightweight stroller, a jogger, and my Peg.  Just more to look at :)   

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  • We went with a snap and go for use at first.  We absolutely loved it, very easy to get in and out of the car.  And it's a lot smaller and lighter than those huge travel systems.

    Then when he was older, we bought a jogging stroller (Baby Jogger) and a small umbrella stroller (Chicco) for shopping.

    DH didn't like the small wheels on the travel systems either.  The jogging stroller has such a smooth ride if you are going to do any walking on sidewalks or "off road."

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  • I got a mountain buggy for my first son and I'm probably going to be getting the mountain buggy double to use once baby #2 comes in August. I've test driven many strollers and none come close to the mountain buggy. It is on the pricer side, but now that I've seen what else is out there, I feel it is totally worth it.
    We also have a Graco umbrella stroller for quick trips and, aside from lack of storage, it's not a bad little stroller for $100.

  • We had a travel system that we used for our first two kids.  It was huge!  It was actually a baby shower gift over four years old.  There are so many compact/light weight travel systems nowadays and come with everything you need - infant carrier/base/stroller all in one.  The snap and go are pretty neat but it can only be used for a couple of months.  Once baby is sitting up he/she is going to want to be able sit in a "real" stroller.  I personally think, a travel system is a better investment. 

    We also had (past tense) several strollers.  I had a sit and stand, the travel system stroller, and s cheap umbrella stroller.  Now, we only have a side by side Combi double stroller that the infant carrier snaps into. 

  • I have the Peg Perego Uno and LOVE it! My main criteria was that the handle bar could be flipped either way so the baby could face me or away from me which is really handy when avoiding the sun. It also works as a carriage and then a regular stroller for when baby can sit up. Our car seat snapped right into too
  • We have a snap 'n go and a travel system.  The car seat fits both, and we figure that the snap 'n go will be good for me running errands, but the travel system will probably be better for longer outings.  Besides, the stroller part still works once they're too big for the car seat.
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  • COMBI COMBI COMBI!!!!!!!! I think the one I have is the Cosmo and I LOVE IT!!!!! Zachary is so comfy in it and they have carseats that fit right in too. The best thing about it is that it's not too expensive and it's TWELVE POUNDS. it is SO easy to get in and out of the car.

    I wish I'd known about it when I got my ridiculous Chicco travel system. I want to get rid of that thing.

    I would have just bought two Combi's, one for my car and one for my DH. Instead we have a Combi, a Maclaren, and the ridiculous Chicco.

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  • I love Peg's too but I think we are going for the Uppababy Vista. My SIL almost got it last year when she had a baby but ended up getting the Quinny. We "test drove" the Vista the other day and I love it.
  • We have a Bugaboo chameleon and a MacLaren quest sport. I love my bugaboo but I had to get the MacLaren because its easier to use it when I travel on my own (both of our families live abroad). If I travel with DH I take the bugaboo though.

    I tried the combi umbrella stroller (I can't remember the name) because  my friend likes it buy we didn't like it because its not so easy to manouver (and for other reasons I can't remember) so we went with the MacLaren instead. Also, make sure you test drive the strollers with a kid (or a lot of weight) in it because it makes a BIG difference.

  • We used the Peg Perego car seat and stroller, then purchased the Maclaren umbrella stroller for travel and shopping. I honestly love both of them!
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  • thank you all so much for your input!
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  • I got a Peg Perego Pliko P3 with my 1st son, 4.5 yrs ago. I LOVE IT.

    I had also gotten a snap n go, and LOVED IT. I used it for quick little trips (like run into publix just for a handful of items) when the baby was just a little infant maybe 2-3 months max, I then lent it to my cousin and then used it again when my 2nd son was born. *they told us in baby class not to leave babyin the carrier anymore than 20 minutes in the infant carrier. otherwise take baby out to stretch body and get touched...etc..*  

    But I mainly use my PEG..anywhere, everywhere! including traveling, it's been on at least 4 RT flights. all checked in at the gate. AND NOTHING IS WRONG WITH IT... 

    I got a 60/40 when I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd and still use it today and its going on 2 yrs old. I will say the cup holder popped off, but i didn't bother me, so not a complaint.

    I have used both strollers at SEA WORLD, throughout DISNEY WORLD, the parks, zoos, museums, malls, etc...

    they ONLY places I have run into a problem where the 60/40 didn't fit is a SMALL pizza place in TAMARAC, who REFUSED TO move chairs so that I may eat at their establishment. SO I LEFT! 

    BOTH STROLLERS I STILL OWN TODAY. I alternate between the two.


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  • I loved my snap-n-go for the first 6 months with both kids. 

    We got the Combi when DS turned 6 months old, and it's been very good (love that it's so light and small and slim and easy) but not perfect (maneuverability is not the best).  I might have gotten a lower end Maclaren if I were to do it over.

    We got the Peg 60/40 when we had our 2nd kid.  It's been great!  Taken it all over, including Disney, plane trips, etc.


  • I'm going to put in a plug for the snap and go.  Absolutely love it and am so sad she's moving into a convertible and we can't use it anymore lol.  Definitely worth it.  It steers really easily, the basket under stores a lot of stuff, and it's compact so it fits anywhere.  I'm not a fan of travel systems because I live on the second floor and have a small car (corolla).

    We have a Maclaren Triump as our umbrella stroller.  It's ok.  My only complaint is that the storage compartment isn't too big but it's forcing me not to leave the house with so much crap (seriously, it looks like I'm traveling out of state every time we leave the house).

    If you are looking for a jogging stroller, Bob is great but so is the bumbleride (and it's cheaper).

    My personal suggestion would be to go with the SNG until your LO is older and then research.  We took DD to BRU when she was 7 months and was able to put her in all of the strollers and ride around the store to test them out.

  • We have a bugaboo chameleon also and I love it. The stroller is a little pricey but it's worth every penny. I have gotten so much use out of the stroller and it can really take a beating. I use the stroller every day and have done everything with it (running, shopping). It's a really sturdy stroller. The only drawback is that it is kind of big and it takes up a lot of trunk space.
  • I also have a snap n go, but ds hates being in his carseat for an extended period of time.  I LOVE my Maclaren techno.  Handles beautifully, easily fits in my civic, and best of all reclines almost flat.  The only complaint I have is that the basket is a little small,  but I am soo happy with my choice
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