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Poll: Foods that are strange to dislike...

You have any foods that you dislike and when people find out that go, "No way, I love ___. How wierd!" :)



Mine are a) Ketchup and b) Bananas. Seperately. Or together.

Although, I can stomach the fried banana wontons from Stir Crazy. YUM! I don't like the raw fruit, tho.

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Re: Poll: Foods that are strange to dislike...

  • I don't like Honey or Mustard but i do like Honey Mustard... hee hee
  • Mostly condiments - ketchup, mayo, mustard, etc.  But, I think the worst is beans b/c my family is Cuban so they don't get it. 
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  • Strawberries. Don't like the fruit, but I like the jelly.
  • I am wracking my brain and I literally cannot think of anything I don't like. I am a fatass. LOL.


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  • imageStephE623:
    Strawberries. Don't like the fruit, but I like the jelly.

    This exactly! I thought I was the only weirdo. LOL

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  • I dont like pickles. But i can eat jars of relish. weird.
  • imageEliStar:
    I am wracking my brain and I literally cannot think of anything I don't like. I am a fatass. LOL.

    me too! the only thing I just can't bring myself to eat is eel. I eat everything (raw oysters, octupus, etc...)

  • I gag at the smell of pickles!  Can't stand them.  Dh knows already that when one comes w/ a sandwich, he quickly needs to remove it off the plate!  And if it is on a sandwich, I will return it... can't stand pickle juice.

    I also don't like honey mustard, or mustard, or mayo.  Yuck!

    -- Jackie
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  • OMG Jackie, me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't stand when the pickle juice infests my sandwich or fries or chips or anything on the plate - yuck!!!!!1 DH loves pickles and if eats them at lunch I can still smell them when he comes home from work and gives me a kiss - I send him straight to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

    I also don't like bananas or the smell of bananas. Ham - can't stand ham.  I like prosciutto and serrano ham, but not the regular kinds of ham. Oh and bbq chicken.  I like grilled chicken but not with bbq sauce.

    image image

  • Sadly, I'm sort of a picky eater. I wish that I wasn't but I am. Here are just 2 of the things I don't eat that people always think I'm crazy for:
    Any red meat of any kind

  • I also hate avocado's I think it's something about the texture and also honey mustard my dh loves it. But now that I'm pregnant I can't stand red meat especially if I see blood pre pregnancy it needed to be about to walk away or mushrooms or shrimp.
  • chicken! I hate it!! and everyone else in the world loves it. i will eat it IN stuff, like in a salad with dressing, or if it's fried or breaded and i can't taste the chicken, but i will not eat baked, rotisserrie, or bbq chicken!
  • I can't think of anything either - I LOVE food!  The only thing that I can't eat b/c I'm allergic are mussels, oysters, and/or clams.  It's weird b/c when i was younger I would eat paella all of the time.  Then, in my 20s I started getting really sick and can't even stand the smell of it!
  • Raw plain tomatoes. I can eat them if it is like bruchetta or a pickled tomato but not in a salad or plain on a sandwich. Rye bread, green peppers, and also ham. I can eat bacon or ribs...but seeing a big pink ham grosses me out... I think it reminds me too much of it's original form....kinda like if a steak was white with black spots I may not be able to eat it either :)


    This makes me think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding..."what you mean you eat no meat? That's OK, I make lamb"

  • No raw plain tomatoes, no rye bread, like Beth.  No veal, no lamb, too gamey.  and nix the mustard; smells like feet to me!  bleck!   Pretty much anything else I'm good to go! :)~

    Jason & Patricia 5/28/06


  • Tomatoes and red meat

    But I get the most comments on the meat thing. People get all excited when they talk about a juicy carne asada (steak) and when I get grossed out they think I'm crazy!


  • LOL, there is really nothing I won't eat.  I'm not picky at all.

    When I was pregnant with Nicky though, I could not eat pizza (which I love).  The texture made me gag and  many people were surprised when I told them that because they said pizza was one of their favorite pregnancy foods.

  • I don't like mayo, or ketchup. Also, I am one of the few people that hates chicken wings!

    I do like something that most people can fathom eating, liver.

  • Loveeee guacamole. Hateeee avocado. 

    And since being pregnant, chicken and meat grosses me out. I can smell chicken from miles away and I can't stand it. 

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  • imagecrazyincidents:

    COCO/Leanna - PICKLES - UGH!  I hate them and their juice!  I tell waiters that I am allergic or places that make deli type sandwiches so they don't cut my bread with a knife that has touched a pickle or even put the pickle in my "to-go" box.

    Lani - I say I'm allergic too, especially when I return a bread that has pickles... to make sure they don't just take out the pickles... but replace the whole sandwich!

    -- Jackie
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  • chocolate and peanut butter.
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