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If you have both Didymos and Vanti

I really wanted to get a Vantani but am having a hard time find a place I can order it from here in the UK.  It seems like everyone is out with no info on when or if they will get more stock.

The reason I really wanted a Vantani was they are calling for the hottest summer in the UK in a century and even if it is just fear mongering I am sure it will be plenty warm and I wanted something light. 

How much heavier do you find you Didymos, are you happy to carry for long periods outside or in no air conditioning in temps up to 95ish in you Didymos?

TIA for any help.

Re: If you have both Didymos and Vanti

  • I have a Didy Indio which I think is one of the thickest wraps they make (but ncbelle would know for sure) and there's no way I could use it in those temps without getting super, super hot.
  • just saw you're still pg - you might want to look into a gyspy mama bali breeze for the summer.  they're not nearly as supportive as a true woven, but would be great for an itty bitty.
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  • It totally depends on the wrap.

    My Didy Lavender Silk way would I survive long in the heat.  My Didy Cobalt Rouge Indio...I would take that baby out on the hottest of days.  It's so thin and light, that it's PERFECT for the heat.  Every wrap is different in thickness, weight, and airy-ness (LOL at my made up word).  You just have to find what works best for you.

    Have you tried the FSOT forum on  There are a ton of Vats on there for sale all the time...and much cheaper than buying retail!  

  • There is a UK forum as well - (I think).  But ya, ditto what EE said, it depends on the wrap.  I have some thin(ner) Didys but also some thick ones too.  But I have a Vat and it's very thin.  Maruyama is the colorway I have.
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