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Hi All

We just found out that DH was hired on w/ a federal law enforcement aganecy and we will be relocating to Louisville after he graduates from training at the end of November.  More than likely he'll be working downtown.  I'm due at the end of Nov so we don't know if he'll graduate before or after the baby is born, but we do know he has to report for duty right after he graduates...with or without me.  So we want to get an early start on finding somewhere to live, but we know NOTHING about Louisville.  We'll have to get an apartment for about 6 months and then start looking for a house.

Are there any parts of Louisville that are great for a young family w/ decent apartment living?  Some place safe, near parks, shopping, great day care etc.  We plan on coming up for a weekend and looking around.  But it would help to know where to start.  Thanks! 



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Re: Help from L'Ville Moms

  • EAngEAng member

    There are lots of apartments.  I am really only familiar with the east side of town.  There are a ton of apartments off Hurstbourne Lane which is close to malls and lots of restaurants, etc.  Hurstbourne Lane is insanely busy with traffic, so it depends on how you would like that.  It takes about 15 minutes to get to downtown from there with no traffic.

    There is a great apartment complex by the Summit, which is an outdoor mall on the far east side of town.  The complex is called Crowne at the Summit.  We lived there for a while and the staff is very nice and the location is great.  Grocery store right in area and it is right off 71, so it is convenient to hop on and get downtown. 

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  • I moved to 'Louisville" last August for my husband's schooling.  We actually live across the river in Indiana.  We're actually closer to downtown than some other parts of Louisville, since we can see downtown from our backyard. 

    There are several apartments on this side too, and we decided to live here, because we just found better deals on apartments here.  

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  • imageEAng:

    There are lots of apartments.  I am really only familiar with the east side of town.  There are a ton of apartments off Hurstbourne Lane which is close to malls and lots of restaurants, etc.  Hurstbourne Lane is insanely busy with traffic, so it depends on how you would like that.  It takes about 15 minutes to get to downtown from there with no traffic.

    I don't work downtown, but I did live in some apts off Hurstbourne Lane before I got married and loved it.  There was at least one park nearby and TONS of shopping.  Target and Kroger were practically right across the street!

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  • I have lived all over Louisville.  I currently live off Bardstown Road near the Highlands.  There are a lot of apartments down Bardstown Road its a really long road and can be busy at times but moves quickly most of the time.  Its also a very easy route to downtown without having to use the express and I love it.  There are all kinds of parks, shopping & grocery stores near by.   Good luck!
  • We moved to Louisville in January 2008. We love it but there are definitely areas you want to stay away from. We live in Middletown and love it. Hurstbourne gets really bust we live in Charlestown Apartments in a 2 bd town house & LOVE IT!

    We are close to all interstates, shopping, and a great park right up the road!! The townhouses are in like a neighborhood so it has a homey feel! We had lived in a few other places until here & were pleasantly surprised here! Feel free to email me [email protected] I have tons of moving experience ;O) 

  • We love it here! We moved last August for my husband to go to school.  We live up near The Summit, two exits down at the Terraces of Forest Springs.  We have a two bedroom apartment and it is huge.  We're expecting twins at the beginning of September and have both cribs, a dresser, plan on glider and a little nightstand in the nursery.  The nursery also has a walkin closet.  This area is close to many wonderful shops and resturants.  I think any of the areas people have mentioned off the Gene Snyder would be great.  Best Wishes and let me know if you need any other suggestions.  We were very overwhelmed when we moved down here not knowing anyone and it would have been great to have had some people to suggest where to move.
  • Depends on what you are looking for- Plainview is a great apartment complex on Hurstbourne, near I64 so easily accessible to all of Louisville.

    If you want a more walking accessible area then I would suggest either the Highlands or Saint Matthews.  They don't really have complexes but you can rent a nice apartment either in an old victorian home that is beautiful or another place... there are houses for rent as well.  You can rent a house as much as you can an apartment here if you want more room.  

    other than that I would say that Camden has nice apartments as far as complexes go.  For nice areas I suggest the east end.  The summit is pretty far our from everything except the one shopping area and Tinseltown. 

    I live in Jeffersontown right at Hurstbourne and Taylorsville and love it.  Close to everything and easy enough to get anywhere in Louisville in 15 or so minutes.

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  • If your DH will be working downtown then I would suggest the Bardstown Road area (closer to downtown), especially if you like to walk to shops, restaurants, etc.  This area of town and the Highlands area (pretty much the same place) are wonderful for families.  There are parts of the city that I would recommend staying away from if you can and most of those are acutally in downtown Louisville.  Traffic is almost always congested trying to get downtown so the closer you can get the easier your DH's commute will be.  GL!
  • Have you all looked into the area more? I was born and raised in Louisville... now live just outside Louisville in Taylorsville. (country setting, had to get away from all the traffic!)

    I agree with more of the east end of Louisville. No matter where you live, rush hour stinks. And, crossing the bridge is no fun, so I wouldn't recommend Indiana just for that reason. Plus, there is now talk of putting a toll on the bridge (stupid, stupid, stupid)

    Like PPs said, if you like being able to walk to places, I'd go with the highlands. There are lots of parks that way as well... but really, there are parks all over Louisville. 

    I personally like J-town and Middletown. I would recommend staying around Blankenbaker Pkwy, Shelbyville Rd, Taylorsville Rd and Hurtsbourne Pkwy for apartments. For houses, it's really expensive on the east end. (but that also depends on where you're coming from. I lived in CT for a while and the housing there was CRAZY expensive compared to Louisville)

    If you need any help, my dad is a Realtor for ReMax and knows both Louisville and Indiana sides very well. He also commuted into downtown every day, so he has lots more insight than I do. Message me if you want his info.

     Good luck! I really like Louisville, having moved a few times due to military, I am happy to be back in the area!

  • Ditto to what all of the ladies have posted!

    Also? Fern Creek - it is further down Bardstown Road, BUT there is both the Watterson and the Snyder expressways that kind of "loop" around the county.

    And there will traffic wherever you live.

    If you want to live outside of the county and commute, that's an option, too, like the lady from Indiana. The cost of living in Louisville Metro is higher (well, with renting you don't have to worry about property taxes, but still), so if you look at the surrounding counties, those are good, too, if commuting is OK. I live in Hardin County myself (to the south) and we go up to The Ville a LOT. 

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