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Hi all. I'm starting to think about birth announcements. I found out that my mac has a few postcard templates that will be perfect for the announcement.

I was also thinking of having an open house about a month after baby arrives so that friends and family can come over and visit. 

I was thinking of including the open house information on the announcement. Do you think it'd be ok? Tacky? Awesome?

The wording would be something like, "We hope you can come meet 'baby' at an open house on August X between 11 and 3." 

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Re: Birth announcements

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    I have to admit that I am very hard to offend, but I think that it's a super cute idea! It's not tacky, it's an open house/meet the baby party, and the "invitations" will have the guest of honor featured on them! I like it!

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    I think that sounds like a great idea!  That way you can control when everyone comes over.  


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    That sounds like a good idea to me. 
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    Sounds like a great idea - in fact I may swipe it from you Wink
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    Great. I haven't seen anyone else do this, so I wasn't sure if there was anything tacky about it.

    I've heard from other mom's that it's good to be able to control when people come over, so I'm hoping the open house will do that. 

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    that is a great idea 
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