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Expired Formula

I just found a big can of formula in my pantry that expired feb 19 2010.  I was about to toss it.  But could it still be good if unopened?  Do you think someone would use it if I listed it on CL?  B wont drink formula

Re: Expired Formula

  • Might still be fine, but personally I wouldn't chance it.  However, if you say on CL that it has expired, then at least the person buying it knows and can decide for themselves.
  • Eh - if they get sick...I wouldn't want to be involved. I'd toss it.
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  • I'm tossing it.  It is actually a "Use By" date.  Which I guess just means that it could have less than ideal nutrition, not a safety issue.

    And the funny thing is, I think I bought this can in January!  I know I haven't had it long.  I know I don't still have the reciept.

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